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"In my view, we should have put the savages in their place long ago!"
— Lau[1]

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Trader Lau


Two Moons



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Two Moons

Lau is a trader from the island of Two Moons and one of its Council members.[1]


Two Moons[]

Trader Lau, Trader Xen and Trader Bool went out to greet the Star of Deltora and its crew when they had gotten off the ship at the harbour. They appeared to be in a rush however, as both her and the others had sloppily put on their attire. Lau commented to Mab that she was surprised to see her out of season, but nodded and smiled at Mab's compliment of Two Moons' traders, after explaining that they were on a training voyage. After Xen explained that the swamp dwellers had warned them that they had sensed the Star carrying something ish, unlucky, Lau declared that the Council should have put the savages in their place long ago. She continued, criticising their ego and the part swamp dwellers, warning against allowing them to dictate to them. She stood on end after Mab hoped that the old Two Moons trick of new traders being drugged and robbed of their purchases be suspended for the day for her trainees.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Like her other Council members, Lau wore bright coloured robes that reached to ground and a bright turban made of yellow silk. When the Star of Deltora landed at Two Moons harbour, she was wearing odd shoes, of similar style but with the left being black and the right, dark blue, as a result of having to rush from her home to the harbour to greet Mab.[1]


Lau regarded swamp dwellers as savages and disliked the power they had over the other residents of Two Moons. She also disliked half swamp dwellers in the same way.[1]


Star of Deltora[]


  • The character's name is written as 'Lao' 3 times and as 'Lau' 4 in Two Moons, Chapter 8: Word of Honour, creating a question on the spelling of her name. The spelling 'Lau' appears on page 74 while the spelling 'Lao' appears on page 76 and 77.


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