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"The Lapis Lazuli, the heavenly stone, is the symbol of good fortune, brings good luck and has an affiliation with the Opal."
Secrets of Deltora[1]

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Lapis Lazuli
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Mere tribe


Luck or good fortune

Hiding place

The Shifting Sands


The Hive


Has a special relationship with the Opal
Brings luck

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Tales of Deltora

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The Sister of the South

The Lapis Lazuli, also called the Heavenly Stone, is the talisman of the Mere tribe and is held in the third medallion on the Belt of Deltora.[2]


The Lapis Lazuli was created when the Land of Dragons and the land of Pirra collided with one another. It was gifted to the Mere tribe and became their talisman. It was said to have a special connection to the Opal, the gem of the Plains tribe.[2]

The time of Adin[]

The Lapis Lazuli was the third gem to be added to the Belt of Deltora. It was given to Adin after he brought back the head of a Sand Beast to the Mere tribe with the aid of a Lapis Lazuli dragon.[2]

The Forests of Silence[]

When Deltora fell under the reign of the Shadow Lord, the Lapis Lazuli was stripped from the Belt of Deltora and placed within the Shifting Sands, where it became part of the Hive.[3]

The Shifting Sands[]

Sixteen years after it was added to the Hive, the Lapis Lazuli was recovered by Lief, Barda, and Jasmine. Lief pried it from the Hive's cone of treasure and replaced it with a wooden bird Jasmine won in Rithmere. He placed it in the fourth medallion on the Belt of Deltora and it gave the companions safe passage out of the Sands.[3]

The Valley of the Lost[]

Lief touched the Lapis in order to repel the magic of the the Guardian. Still, the Guardian attacked Lief but he touched the Belt while doing so and this caused him to be attacked by his own creatures.[4]


The Lapis Lazuli woke Fortuna from her slumber and gained more power once the dragon had been awakened.[5]

Isle of the Dead[]

Even though Lief had the Lapis Lazuli to aid his luck, he still did not trust that he could win any of Laughing Jack's fraudulent games on the gambling ship The Lady Luck.[6]


The Lapis Lazuli is the symbol of good fortune and brings good luck to whoever wields it. The effects of the Lapis Lazuli's enhanced luck are hard to clarify, though they are more than likely random occurrences and events. The only time the Lapis Lazuli directly seemed to use its powers was when it caused the Guardian's pets to turn of him. As such, it is the least forward out of all the gems when it comes to displaying its powers.

The Lapis Lazuli also has an affiliation with the Opal, though it is unknown what this affiliation is.[1]



The Lapis Lazuli in the anime.

The Lapis Lazuli is given a new power in the anime. Whenever a star shines in the night sky, it banishes all manner of spells. This was used against the sorceress Thaegan during her second attempt to kill the companions.


  • Before the unification of Deltora, the Lapis Lazuli was kept within a special star-shaped pendant, which was worn by the leader of the Mere at all times.[1]


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