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"And then Britta saw what the gleaming object was. It was Jewel’s armband—the gold armband that had so impressed Madam Bell Slink in Illica. Its razor-sharp edges were slicing through the strangling stems like butter. Jewel was wielding it ferociously, expertly, as if she had been trained to fight with it from her earliest days."
Jewel of Broome using her kish to fight against moving vines in The Hungry Isle

General information

Self defense or attack

Chronological information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle (first use)

A kish is a weapon worn disguised as an armband.[1] Jewel of Broome wears a golden kish.[2]

While a kish looks like an armband and can be worn as such, its edges are razor-sharp and can cut through many things, including plant matter. A kish is wielded as a weapon in one hand, used to slash at whoever or whatever the wielder wishes to deal with.[1]


Star of Deltora[]

Shadows of the Master[]

The gold armband was one of the first things Britta noticed when she met Jewel. Mab asked Jewel not to carry weapons on her person while aboard the Star of Deltora, but Jewel continued to wear her kish because no one recognised it as a weapon.[2]

The Towers of Illica[]

Madam Bell-Slink saw Jewel's solid gold kish as a sign of wealth and asked her to stay in Bell-Slink Tower. Jewel stated that she and her brothers each were given matching armbands on their fourteenth birthdays, according to family tradition.[3]

The Hungry Isle[]

Jewel used her kish to defend herself from the flesh-eating plants on the Isle of Tier. Afterwards, she told Britta that she wished no one would speak of her kish or reveal its secret.[1]


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