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Doom (formerly)
Jarred (formerly)

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Between Dreaming Spring and Dread Mountain


Emerald territory

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Map of Emerald territory
Doom of the Hills Cave

Kinrest, how it appears in the anime

Kinrest is a Kin resting place found between the Dreaming Spring and Dread Mountain.[1]


Kinrest was given its name due to the Kin using it as a resting spot during their seasonal migration from their home on Dread Mountain. They would use the spot to rest for a day between the Dreaming Spring in winter and during their return to the mountain in summer. Once the Dread Gnomes began to hunt Kin with arrows tipped with Gellick's venom, the Kin were forced to live at the Dreaming Spring - with Kinrest being abandoned.[1]

Doom's grave

Doom's gravestone.

During this time, a man named Doom took up residence in Kinrest. He rescued Jarred when he fled from the Shadowlands, but was later killed by Grey Guards. Jarred buried him and marked his resting place with a gravestone.[2]

Dread Mountain[]

Bruna, Merin, and Ailsa stopped at Kinrest for a day on their way to Dread Mountain with Lief, Barda, and Jasmine. While there, they discovered Doom's gravestone.[1]

Doom of the Hills Grave

Doom of the Hills grave as seen in the anime.


Kinrest is a small grove within a thick forest, broken up by a flowing creek. There is a moss covered cave large enough for a flock of Kin to take shelter inside.

Jasmine described the trees around Kinrest to be old and secretive, keeping much to themselves. Nevertheless, they were happy to see Kin return.[1]


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