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General information

Emerald territory

Notable members

Keras the Unknown (formerly)

Form of government


Head of State

Piper of Keras


Keras the Unknown (at least a thousand years ago)

Chronological information
First appearance

The Shadowlands (only appearance)

Kerons were the people of Pirra who went with Keras the Unknown. Today they reside on the island of Keras, in the secret sea of the Pirran Caverns.[1]



Main article: The Pirran Pipe

Beyond the mountains of the Land of Dragons was the green land called Pirra. It was protected by the magic of the Pirran Pipe, played by the people's chief, the Piper. One dark winter's night, the Piper passed away in her sleep and the next day, three great musicians offered to be her replacement. One of those musicians was Keras the Unknown. Keras created sounds that were so haunting that it kept all rapt in awe and wonder, but when it came to voting, each received the same amount of votes time and time again. This divided the people since all wanted their favourite to become the Piper and allowed the Shadow Lord to convince them to separate the Pipe into three. The end piece went to Keras the Unknown and they along with their followers left the others. And so since the Pipe wasn't played anymore, the magic protecting Pirra was gone which the Shadow Lord took advantage of. Realising their mistake too late, the three groups used the last of their magic to escape and save themselves. The Kerons hid themselves in the underground sea beneath the Emerald territory in the Land of Dragons.[2]

The Girl With the Golden Hair[]

Main article: The Girl With the Golden Hair

A pair of Deltorans, Alyss and Rosnan, eventually came to Keras after discovering the underground world. The two would settle on the island, with their children marrying Kerons; as such many of the Kerons have Deltoran ancestry and have inherited Alyss' hair color. This account later led Doran into the underworld, and he visited the Kerons and other tribes on several occasions.[2]

The Shadowlands[]

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine arrived on the island of Keras after retrieving the stem of the Pirran Pipe.[1]



Kerons cultivate a breed of winged leech that roost in the passage that connects their island to the island of Auron. They use the leeches both for protection and fishing bait.


Physical Appearance[]

The Kerons, like the two other tribes of Pirrans, were humanoid beings, shorter than actual humans, with pale skin, tender skin, dog-like faces, small eyes and pointy ears. However, the Kerons of today have blonde hair, inherited from the Deltoran woman Alyss who fled to the Pirran Caverns over one thousand years ago with the man Rosnan.[2][3]

Notable Members[]



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