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Jord, also know as Jord the Knife-Sharpener, is a very mild character who is mentioned in the book Deltora Quest 3: Shadowgate.

Happy Vale Notices-0

The noticeboard where Jord is mentioned



Jord was a citzen of Happy Vale. It is suggested by his title as "the knife sharpener" that his occupation was involved with weapons, perhaps a blacksmith.

When the land of Deltora faced the threat of starvation from the poison of the Four Sisters, whom were created by the Shadow Lord, Jord left the starving town of Happy Vale to seek a place where there was food. After Lief, Barda, Jasmine and Lindal defeated the Sister of the East, Eastern Deltora began to see the food of the land replenish. Jord traveled to Parley and saw the wonders of the fresh Spring. He rushed back to Happy Vale and told them of what he saw. The town held a vote to leave and travel to Parley. It was decided to be so, and the citizens of Happy Vale abandoned their town and left for Parley.

When the town left, they left a note on their noticeboard in town square. In it, they explain where they went and why, and they mention Jord on the note.

Physical appearance[]

Unknown, suggested to be male.


Unknown, may be adventurous, judging by how he left the town.






It is suggested he cared for the people of Happy Vale, as he returned back to them after his travels and led them to Parley.




  • Deltora Quest 3: Shadowgate


  • The note the town of Happy Vale left was eventually read by the Masked Ones and Lief, Barda and Jasmine when they arrived to stay.
  • The noticeboard of Happy Vale also concealed a hidden code from Laughing Jack.


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