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Jett is in need of more information! Jett is lacking a detailed History with events from The Third Door. Expand the information here, and also mention that Jett was the most popular candidate in the elections of the new Warden. Certain sections, such as the Personality section, also need a revision so that it does not read as awkwardly.

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Jett of Northwall


Northwall in Weld



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The Third Door (only appearance)

Jett is a man from Weld. He was one of the Volunteers to try and find the source of skimmers and destroy the enemy they thought was sending them.


Jett was born in Weld and during the skimmer attacks he led the Northwall riots. When the Warden commissioned the people to be Volunteers to set out and try to find who was responsible for the skimmers Jett volunteered around the same time as Dirk and his friends, becoming aquainted with him around that time.

Jett was drawn to the golden Door but remembering the old tales of how humblest was best instead chose the wooden Door and spent years as one of Cheiftain Farr's guards.

The Third Door[]

Physical appearance[]

Jett was a guard with a scarred face and a stock expression.


Dirk describes Jett as a "Passionate man who is loyal to Weld," being responsible for and leading the Northwall riots. He claims that he would never attack the elderly or children, however he is not above giving into the prejudice of Weld to those outside the Wall calling the guards who were taking him away "Barbarians," however this could be more out of the stress of the situation over any opinion or belief per say.

As Jett was originally drawn to the golden Door he seemed to have had a heroic side to him as well. True to this he never poisoned and believed that his assassination attempts were with an explosion. However he also had a cruel side as he laughed at Rye and tried to kill him believing him to be a traitor to Weld, and felt no guilt at singling him out as his scapegoat to take the fall for his assassination attempt, showing that he valued Weld as a whole over any one indavidual.




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