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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

Jell is in need of more information! Jell is lacking detail the fact that jell was found at the base of the wall in the ground in Weld when they had to build the wall, the fact that jell was added into the walls and the fact that clinks that lived 1,000 years ago on Dorne evolved into the Skimmers by settling inside of the walls.

Jell is a naturally occurring red substance found in Dorne. It is as soft as butter, and stains whatever it touches. It is used as a cheap dye for cloth in Weld[1] and also has the ability to speed the breeding and adaption process of plants and animals. The larger the quantity of jell present, the faster a species can adapt.[2]

It was considered a nuisance in Weld, as the smallest contamination of it stopped mud from drying, spoiling bricks.[1]


The Silver Door[]

Jell had become an extremely valuable resource on the alternative future Dorne. It was mined by the Shadow Lord's slave workers in the Diggings and used to breed advanced skimmers.[2]

The Third Door[]

Jell was responsible for the Skimmers breeding in the caverns of the Wall. After that realisation, the jell was removed and used for trading.[3]


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