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Jarred's Father
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Palace of Del, Del



Cause of death

Died in service to the Royal family

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Unnamed wife (wife; deceased)


Alton, Palace of Del staff

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  • Servant

Palace of Del
King Alton
Royal family

First appearance

Forests of Silence (mentioned only)

Jarred's Father was an unnamed male Del man who was the father of Jarred, paternal grandfather of Jasmine, father-in-law of Anna, great-grandfather of Anna II, Endon II and Jarred II and a servant in the Palace of Del who died in King Alton's service.


At an unknown time, he married an unnamed woman in a union that gave birth to an apparently single son named Jarred. Sometime afterwards, Jarred's father lost his life while serving the Royal Family and as a result, Jarred (whose mother had apparently also died by that time) was made the companion and best friend to Prince Endon by King Alton.

The Forests of Silence[]

Jarred's father was mentioned briefly when recounting Jarred's backstory and how he came to be the companion of Endon.


Jarred's father manga

Jarred's father in the Manga

In the manga, Jarred's father, though he remains unnamed, story is expanded. Unlike in the books, where he apparently served as simply a servant, in the manga, he is shown to be a brave and loyal knight in service to King Alton who gave his life fighting a mysterious creature sent by the Shadow Lord to assassinate the King, fighting and dealing a fearsome blows to the assassin before the eyes of Alton and a young Jarred. Despite both Alton and Jarred's warnings, Jarred's father continued to fight valiantly for his king and Deltora and was mortally wounded while his foe, though injured, escaped, vowing revenge on Jarred. With his last breath, Jarred's father extracted a promise from his son to protect the kingdom, dying proud of his child. This brave act prompted Alton to make Jarred his son's companion in reward for how Jarred's father had died fighting for him, but the event had such a traumatic effect on Jarred that it caused his to forget the battle.

Years later, however, after realizing that servants of the Shadow Lord were surely planning to kill his newly-crowned best friend, Jarred remembered his promise to his father. He was driven from the Palace by Prandine, however, and met the mysterious assassin who had struck down his father and killed the creature by striking the scars of wounds delivered by his father. Despite grievous wounds, Jarred was apparently contacted by the spirit of his father, who urged him on to life.