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Janna is the wife of Chieftain Farr and the mother of Zak. She is of Deltoran descent, having come from the city of D'Or to be wed. As a result of this she is more open-minded about the supernatural, most particularly the Fellan.[1]


Janna came from D'Or, in Deltora, to wed Chieftain Farr at some point during the reign of King Lief. Her parents chose a half-Fellan nurse, Petronelle, to accompany her, and the two women became close friends. Janna eventually had a son with Farr, named Zak.[1]

The Third Door[]

Tensions between the Fellan and humans increase. Janna hotly defends Petronelle's loyalty to Farr and his councillors, and her own ties to Dorne which are belittled by Councillor Sigrid. She makes clear her opinions that humans should not fight or fear the Fellan but should instead make peace with them. To force Farr into taking action against the Fellan, Janna is poisoned along with Zak, but recovers. Once the preparations for the attack on the Fell Zone are underway, Janna can be seen with Petronelle on the riverboat, trying to convince the men to hold off the attack.[1]

After a peaceful end to the conflict, Janna extends hand of friendship to Faene D'Or, whose people are Janna's ancestors, promising to meet Faene at the little park in Riverside, where they can stand together and see the memorial stone that bears Faene's parents' names, which is as respected in this new time as it was in the old.[1]  

Physical appearance[]

Lady Janna is tall and elegant, with golden skin.[1]


Lady Janna is a kind-hearted woman with a strong sense of right and wrong. She is quick to defend those in her service and trust, such as her old nurse Petronelle. Due to her upbringing in Deltora, she is also more open-minded about the supernatural than the rest of Dorne, and ready to defend the Fellan to Farr and his councillors. She also is very proud of her ancestry and is quick to defend her rightful place in Dorne as her family's ancestral home.[1]  



Janna is the mother of Zak, and the wife of Chieftain Farr. She has parents who dwell in D'Or, in Deltora.[1]


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