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The Jalis knights are the warrior class of the Deltoran Jalis tribe. They are known for wearing suits of golden armour.[1][2]

The main purpose of the Jalis knights is to patrol the tribe's territorial borders. When a knight is not on duty, they are usually living in or around the tribe's capital of Jaliad and spend most of their time training and staging mock battles.[1]

Jalis knights are often quick to take offense and thus should be treated with respect.[1]

Jalis knigths do their training and mock battles in the arena in Jaliad. The knights allow spectators to come and watch them, however they demand that strangers to the city must state their names and allow themselves to be searched by guards at the gates before entering. There is also no limit on the number of weapons a visitor can carry into the arena, but concealed weapons are forbidden, with all weapons needing to be clearly visible.[1]

The knights also eat at the great feasting hall of the city, together with commoners.[1]

Certain roads in Deltora as well as locations in Jaliad are named in honour the Jalis knights, including the road of Knight's Parade which leads from The Finger to Jaliad, and Knight's Bane Lane which breaks off from the Great North Road and leads directly to Mid Wood, the second of the three Forests of Silence in Del tribe territory. There is also the tavern The Knight's Arms in Jaliad.[1]


While the Jalis knight is clearly considered a person of some sort of higher class or standing in Jalis society, it is unknown if they are seen as a form of nobleman. It is also unknown if they have a higher standing in Deltoran culture in general, whether socially, politically or both.[1]

The main purpose of the Jalis knights have at least since the time of King Lucan and Doran the Dragonlover been to patrol the borders of the Jalis tribal territory.[1]

The Lilies of Life[]

One of the ancient Jalis stories of the Tenna Birdsong Tales, The Tale of the Three Knights, tell of three Jalis knight brothers who came to the Forests of Silence to seek the fabled and magic flowers known as the Lilies of Life, which were said to give everlasting life to whoever drunk their nectar. When they found the flowers in Mid Wood, one of the knights, Gorl, consumed with jealousy and greed, murdered the other two knights, Greddock and Gudden so that he could have the Lilies and the immortality for himself, and wished to rule over all of Deltora. However, during their skirmish, the Lilies had wilted and its nectar was lost. Knowing it would bloom again one day, Gorl created a wing of vines around the Lilies to protect them, but he did not think of the fact that this would block the sunlight from reaching the flower and cause it to not bloom. Gorl killed any intruder, including both animal and human, to protect the flowers. When Gorl died, his will remained, causing his armour to continue to be animated as he waited for the Lilies to bloom, his evil spirit continuing to haunt the place. At one point the knight was given the Topaz of the Belt of Deltora to guard over, and he attached it to the hilt of his sword. One day, when Lief, Barda and Jasmine came to The Dark, which Gorl's ring of vines was now known as, they managed to finally destroy Gorl's spirit, ridding the Forests of the spirit of the Jalis knight.[3]

Gorl, having come to the Forests before Adin united Deltora, had no the land had been united under a monarchy. He remained in Mid Wood for over 1,000 years before his defeat.[3] He would have come there so long ago that he would not even have realized that the land was now called Deltora, with it being known as the Land of Dragons before Adin united the country.[2][1]

Greel and Adin[]

The chief of the Jalis tribe at the time of King Adin, including duing the time shortly before Adin united the land and became the first king, was a Jalis knight named Greel. When Adin met Greel at Greel's hut, he wanted to kill Adin, since animosity between the tribes was still common, and he fought him, however Adin defended himself so well that Greel decided to take Adin into Jaliad to feast in the feasting hall before he would kill him. In the feasting hall, the Jalis storyteller at the time, Ruff, told the story of Opal the Dreamer, which convinced Greel and all the other Jalis tribesmembers present that Adin, with his special steel belt, was the man Opal had pedicted would unite the tribes, and so Greel decided to spare Adin and forge an alliance, handing over the tribe's talisman, the Diamond, to be added to the Belt of Deltora.[2]

Greel was also present for and participated in the Battle for Deltora with Adin, and helped drive the Shadow Lord from the land.[2]

Battle for Deltora[]

Greel aided Adin's united Deltoran army in the Battle for Deltora with all of his Jalis knights.[2]

Attempts to destroy Kobbs[]

In the time of King Lucan, the Jalis knight had attacked the Isle of the Dead over many years, attempting to rid it of the Kobbs that inhabit it, although they failed since every time one Kobb is killed or driven from the isle, another takes its place.[1]

Wedding of King Lief and Queen Jasmine[]

A troop of Jalis knights attended the wedding of King Lief and Jasmine - before Jasmine became the queen of Deltora - lead by Gers.[4]


Golden armour[]

The armour of the Jalis knight is very distinct and they are fanous and known by them. It is large, made of pure gold, and can have intricate decorative embellishments, usuallt in the form of many swirling patterns and symbology – and is easily known by the two horns of the helmet. It has several layers, starting with chainmail made of gold that usually extend some ways down the legs at the front and back. On top of the gold mail is a gold chestplate. The shoulders and upper arms are covered in segmented, golden spined plates. The wrists and hands wear large gold gauntlets. The arms and legs are also covered in gold plate armour, and the boots are armoured with gold too.[1][3]

The helmet of the knight covers all of the knight's head except a tint portion of their eyes, nose and mouth by having a very narrow slitted T-shapes visor. The helmet is also decorated with large, pointy, curved horns coming out of the forehwad portion of the helmet. The helmet may have additional smaller spines or horns.[1][5]

Steel sword[]

The sword of the Jalis knight can be either single-handed or double-handed and is made of the finest steel.[6]

Known Jalis knights[]


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