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Isle of the Four Sisters
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Flora (formerly)
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Silver Sea

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The Sister of the South

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Tales of Deltora

The Isle of the Four Sisters[1] was an island that existed over 1,000 years ago in the Silver Sea. Four sisters lived there and kept asleep a huge monster that lived beneath the island with a song. When the sisters were killed by the Shadow Lord, then known as "Malverlain", the giant beast woke and smashed the island, causing it to sink beneath the sea.[2]


Four sisters lived on an isle in the Silver Sea a long time ago. They sang to each other and their voices soothed the island. Some sailors who passed by the isle, claimed to have heard the singing although to most it sounded like rustling leaves, lapping water, small animals and such.

A sorceror[2][3] named Malverlain[2][3] - who would later be known as the Shadow Lord - arrived at the Isle and immediately imprisoned the Four Sisters on four corner sof the isle because he loeathed the singing. When they would not stop singing, he killed them all. As the singing stopped, a giant beast awoke and began tearing the isle apart. Soon the isle and the beast sank below the sea and were never seen again.[2]

The Sister of the South[]

Josef wrote down the Tale of the Four Sisters for Lief and realised the truth about the Four Sisters in Deltora. He wanted to tell Lief what he knew but died before he could. Eventually, Lief figured the meaning about by himself.[4]


  • His experience on this isle gave the Shadow Lord the idea for his plan with the Four Sisters.


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