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"So the Hungry Isle was born, and word of it began to spread throughout the Silver Sea. Beautiful and deadly, it prowled its domain like a huge, ravenous beast. Ships, monsters of the deep and even smaller islands that came into its orbit were sucked into its maw and slowly consumed."
Shadows of the Master

Isle of tier
Isle of Tier
General information
Alternative name(s)

The Hungry Isle


Tier (formerly)
Bar-Enoch (formerly)

Physical information

Southern Silver Sea

Form of government


Head of state

Owner of Staff of Tier


Tier (formerly)
Bar-Enoch (formerly)

Chronological information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle

The Isle of Tier, also known as the Hungry Isle or simply Tier, is a living isle in the south of the Silver Sea. It was home to the former King of Tier, Mikah, and it is home to the wraiths that followed him. When Tier created the Isle, he made it able to move where it wills and devour life wherever it finds it.

Silk wall hanging

Silk wall hanging depicting the Isle of Tier, sold by Mull to Britta for her coinpurse.

The infamous, ancient and powerful Staff of Tier was created here, from the black sand of the Isle's shore, and is what keeps it alive.[1] With the destruction of the Staff of Tier and Mikah's demise, the Isle of Tier became stagnant once more. It is currently located in the Silver Sea, south-east of Illica.[2]



Shadows of the Master[]

Two Moons[]

The Towers of Illica[]

The Hungry Isle[]

Geography and locations[]

Once a black, bleak, barren rock with ragged hills, the Isle of Tier is now a small emerald green island ringed by black, glittering sand. Fangs of rock edges its shore, and the Isle is ringed by a deadly, hidden underwater reef and the foam-tipped waves of the sea. The emerald green of the Isle are due to the swamplands at its centre. The ragged hills of the Isle are covered in green swampland. It is filled with ferns, and trees hung with fragrant swamp orchids. In the centre is a peak from which a well produces water that tumbles like a bride's veil down to the sea.[1]


A jewel-studded cavern at the heart of the Isle, where the King of Tier dwells with the tip of the Staff of Tier buried deep in the ground, sustaining the life of the Isle.[1]



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