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Paulie (husband)
Jack (son)

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Boot maker and mender

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Dragon's Nest (only appearance)

Iris was a citizen of Del and a boot maker and mender. She attended King Lief's first Full Moon Meeting.[1]


Dragon's Nest[]

Iris attended the Full Moon Meeting with King Lief in Del during the full moon. Before Barda could take Lief, who had been visibly weakened and distracted by the Shadow Lord, away from the crowd, Iris stood, holding her infant son, Jack, in her arms, and said that she had one final question for the king. Lief agreed to listen, and Iris informed him that there had been rumours throughout Del that the Shadow Lord's presence had returned to the palace. Though Barda angrily told her otherwise, Iris persisted, telling Lief that there had also been rumours that the Shadow Lord spoke to him.

Lief thanked Iris, who moved back into the crowd with her husband, Paulie. Lief explained to the crowd that Iris was correct, telling them about the Shadow Lord’s crystal in the palace. He asked the people to return to their homes and simply focus their thoughts on him. Iris presumably joined the rest of Del's population in thinking of King Lief that night, and the crystal was successfully destroyed as a result.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Iris was gaunt from malnutrition during her first appearance. Her clothes were clean and well cared for, but ragged nonetheless.[1]


Iris was reasonably brave, willing herself to ask Lief about the rumours of danger she had heard despite being visibly nervous. She cared deeply about her husband and son, and managed to ignore her nerves by looking at her infant son.[1]


Iris and her husband owned a boot-making and boot-mending business in Del. Both Iris and Paulie were capable of making and repairing boots, though they were unable to feed themselves properly due to the famine in Deltora.[1]


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