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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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Immortality,[1] eternal life[2][3] or everlasting life[4][5] is the magical state, condition or ability of living forever, untouched by disease. Immortal beings still need to eat or their body will waste away until they die. The Staff of Tier granted the wielder this form of eternal life as long as the wielder held the Staff in their hand, but as mentioned the wielder still needed to eat, but thankfully the Staff also granted them the magical power to conjure just about anything, including food and water,[4][2][5][3] and as such immortality is limited, however there is an exception, such as the Shadow Lord's immortality.

As mentioned, the Shadow Lord, too, had a form of immortality, though his was less traditional as he achieved it by becoming incorporeal.[6] As his envy, hatred and malice,[7] as well as his increasingly growing dark magical powers[6] consumed him ever more, his humanity and his physical body of flesh and blood was burned away[6] to dust, though his mind remained. The Shadow Lord became a force that would and could never die, becoming an "it" rather than a "he", though his enemies still referred to him by the gendered pronoun.[7]

The opposite of immortality is mortality, the state, condition or ability of dying. A being with the quality of immortality is considered to be immortal, and a being with the quality of mortality is considered to be mortal.

Witches have quasi-immortality, only being able to die if their blood is drawn. As much as one drop spilled is enough to kill them. A witch's immortality allowed for at least living for 100 years.[8][1]


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