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Some humans at the gates of Rithmere

General information
Alternative name(s)

Longhairs (by the Pirran Plumes) Ordinary mortals (by Rolf the capricon[1] and Tier[2])


Various, though mostly temperate to tropical climates, usually living inside human-made housing


Usually omnivores




Bipedal locomotion, two arms, opposable thumbs, one head, advanced intelligence, sentience and sapience

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Tales of Deltora

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The Hungry Isle

Humans are the most abundant of sentient, sapient species in the world of Deltora, and is the apex species of their world. They are mammals. Certain humans are able to wield magic, either by use of a magical artifact or by creating magic themselves. Most of the humans that can wield magic in the latter way are born with magical powers.

Most lands as well as islands inhabited by intelligent lifeforms in the world of Deltora are inhabited by humans with them usally being the largest of said intelligent populations.


Much of the history of the human species in the world of Deltora is largely unknown, such as its origins. Humans built countless kingdoms and other forms of nations and governments around the nine seas, one of the most notable being the kingdom of Deltora.


Humans live in various places, though most seem to prefer to live in temperate climates and build housing to shelter themselves from the elements as well as others that might harm them.


Human physiology is closely homologous to that of other animals as they have a torso, four limbs and a head, however unlike most animals they utilise bipedal locomotion. Their body is made up of a long torso with a pair of legs attached to the bottom, coming out on the left and right side, and a pair of arms attached to the sides of the torso on the right and left side. Both legs end in feet of five toes, and both arms end in hands with five fingers, one of which is an opposable thumb. On top of their torso is a neck extending upwards, slightly curving with their internal spine, which ends in a large round head. Their head has a face with two eyes under which is a nose and under it a mouth, and they have an ear on either side of the head. Humans have hair, though it is extremely sparse on their body, being heavily concentrated on top of their head and around the mouth, jaw and chin. On average humans are very tall relative to other species, both humanoid ones and animals.

Humans have various internal organs, like a heart for pumping blood ans nutrients around their body contained within the upper left of the torso, a pair of lungs for breathing oxygen located inside the torso in the upper right and left somewhat in the front, and their large and advanced brain located inside of their head.

Their blood is pumping around in a complex network of veins and capillaries, and their movements are controlled biochemically through their brain and their nervous system which has its root in their spine. The internal organs are protected by an endoskeleton on top of which is their musculature and top of that their skin, sparsely covered by little hairs that aid in cooling their body down when they sweat.

Humans reproduce sexually, so have sexual organs, located at the bottom of the torso near the front. Their waste-expelling organs are also at the bottom of the torso, at the front the one for urinating and at the back the one for expelling food waste.

Humans exist in two different biological sexes, female and male. The sexual dimorphism between the two include slight physiological differences, but also some small psychological differences though they may be more sociological in nature, but most differences are not very big. Physiologically males are usually flat-chested while females have a pair of breasts that can more easily lactate and are used for breastfeeding their young, females on average have wider pelvises to support young in their womb when pregnant, and males are on average slightly stronger physically, being able to grow more muscles, though this is not always the case and does not always happen.

The human body is bound to a life force called a spirit. The spirit may linger as a ghost in the world when the human dies, either if the person is cursed or have unfinished business, though usually the spirit will pass on to the spirit world when they die. The spirit may also be reattached from the body for a short amount of time, for instance when drinking Dreaming Water, in which case the drinker's spirit will be transported to the last thing, place or person they drink of when they fall asleep so they can observe them in real time in a dream.

Humans exist in various sizes and heights, skin tones ranging from palest white to darkest black, and with many very slight shape variations. It seems that most of the humans living in more warm climates have somewhat darker skin and most of those living in more temperate and colder climates tend to have lighter skin.


Humans are sentient as well as sapient and are known for their advanced intelligence compared to other animal species of the world, however it is comparable to that of various other humanoid species in the world of Deltora. Humans may act in a multitude of ways, depending on how they are raised and how their psychological health is, however a vast majority of humans value treating others with kindness, expecting the same in return. Humans can also be very mistrusting, however, as they do not know what is really going on in the minds of their kin. Many humans, however, also succumb to greediness and selfishness, though the latter is sometimes in order to protect themselves from other humans or dangers that they perceive as being a possibility. Some humans however outright turn to evil or opportunistic ways, becoming thieves, murderers and other kinds of criminals, or aiding evil forces like the Shadow Lord, in exchange for wealth, magical powers and more. Due to the dangers of humanity as a whole falling into chaotic ways, humans have ordered themselves into heavily structured societies of many kinds all over the world, usually with some form of governing body, whether it is made up of many, a few, or one person, and a set of laws to protect their people and their personal property.

Humans have ordered themselves into different gender roles in most of the world, believed to correspond to the two sexes, though in reality this is purely sociological and not biological. This includes males often holding more positions of political power or holding more dangerous jobs where they will have to fight or hunt, while females tend to work at home more often, provide food, work in fields, take care of children and similar. However, it seems that in many parts of the world of Deltora, the traditional gender roles are not as important – for instance, it is the eldest child that becomes the next monarch in Deltora and not the eldest son, the position of the Trader Rosalyn is exclusive to women, there are many female warriors such as Lineal or Jewel of Broome and more. Though the stereotypes and attitudes still exist in other parts. For instance, in the city of Del, it is believed that females must dress "ladylike" and act "prim and proper."[2]


Most humans are omnivores. But humans can also eate meat.


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