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How to Draw Deltora Monsters
The Deltora Book of Monsters
General information

Marc McBride
Emily Rodda


Marc McBride

How to Draw Deltora Monsters is a book written by Marc McBride and Emily Rodda. The book shows how to draw ten pictures originally composed by Marc McBride.


The book begins with notes by both Emily Rodda and Marc McBride. Rodda states that with the release of The Deltora Book of Monsters, she had been getting many letters showing drawings of the monsters inside. She also says that McBride had taken another step in his career by writing this book. McBride then goes on to say that drawing is about expressing ideas. He goes on to say that there is no right or wrong to drawing, but only two simple rules; you should start with light colours, and gradually get darker. He then gives drawing tips, such as how different colours portray different moods.

The book features forty pictures, four variations of each of the ten drawings, and shows the steps to draw the creature in the pictures. The pictures include: Gorl, Soldeen, Vraal, an Ak-Baba, a Muddlet, the Sand Beast, a dragon, Gellick, the GlusReeah, and a picture of the palace in Del surrounded by Ak-Baba. The final picture of eight of the monsters represents its picture on the cover of each book in the original series in colour. The final picture of the other two are also in colour. Under each of the first pictures is a slight description to the monster.


  • The copyright page is in the back of the book, while usually it is in the front.