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The Forests of Silence

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Secrets of Deltora

The horse is a domesticated animal of Deltora and Dorne[1] that is frequently used as a mount or beast of burden. The animal is raised and bred to a high standard in D'Or and has many varieties.[2]

Horseshoes are forged by a blacksmith and are nailed to a horse's hooves for protection.[3]


The horse has been used as a popular transport throughout the islands of Deltora and Dorne. Most citizens knew how to ride a horse and due to their swiftness, became highly sought after.[2] Horses were bred to a high standard in Fleet[1] and this continued in Deltora after its residents settled in Ruby territory to form D'Or.[2]

Food and rubbish entering and leaving the palace of Del were transported using horse-drawn carts.[4][3]

City of the Rats[]

Tom kept three grey horses behind his shop in a small field enclosed by trees intended for a group of Grey Guards to pull a wagon of food from Noradz bound for the palace of Del. When Lief, Barda, and Jasmine visited the shop, Jasmine began patting the horses, though Tom urged her not to, highlighting their value. Jasmine exclaimed she was not hurting them, though pulled her hand away, much to the horses' disappointment. On seeing the horses, Barda mentioned to Lief how much faster their journey would be if they had horses to ride. Lief asked Tom whether he was willing to sell them the horses, suggesting they return what they bought as payment. Tom refused, but he did allow the companions to buy three Muddletts belonging to the city of Noradz.[4]

Dragon's Nest[]

Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and a collection of royal guards rode on horses during a tour of Deltora, which was actually a cover to track down the four sisters. When the group split at the Forests of Silence, the horses went with the guards to the town of Ringle, where they were attacked by the guardian of the sister of the east, the Capricon Rolf. Three of these horses survived, and were later sold to the wandering nomad, Laughing Jack.[5]


Notable horses[]


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