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Hoopberry tree is in need of more information! Hoopberry tree is lacking a complete History, with all events/scenes in the Rowan of Rin series concerning hoopberries and their trees.

The hoopberry tree is a kind of tree found on the island of Maris. They are grown in the Rin orchard by Strong Jonn. The tree have twisted, hanging branches. The fruit of the tree, the hoopberries, are blue, and are used to make hoopberry juice,[1] hoopberry wine.[2]

The hoopberry tree have sweet white flowers whose nectar are made into golden honey by bees during the warm seasons, which is gathered from bee hives and eaten and sold by the Travellers.[3] According to Trader Sven, in his book A Trader's Life, the honey is the best in all of the Silver Sea.[2]


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