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Head Granous
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Granous leader




Os-Mine Hills



Cause of death

Eaten by Fidelis

Physical description




Eye colour


Hair colour

Matted grey

Personal information

Granous pack


Lief, Barda, Jasmine

Weapon of choice

Claws, teeth

Chronological and political information
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Cavern of The Fear

Last appearance

Dragon's Nest

The head Granous was the leader of a pack of Granous that roamed the Os-Mine Hills. He once captured King Lief, Barda, and Jinks.[2]


Cavern of The Fear[]

The Granous pack captured Lief, Barda, and Jinks when they entered the Os-Mine Hills in pursuit of Jasmine and Glock. He doubted Lief's claim as the king of Deltora, and decided to subject the group to the pack's game of twenty questions. For every question that Lief answered incorrectly, the pack would bite off a finger from all three men, moving onto toes when the fingers were done. For every question that Lief answered correctly, they would move on until the game was done.

Lief managed to solve two tasks before Jinks was able to cut his bonds with a hidden knife. The head Granous lead his pack in chasing Jinks, but lost him in the hills. Lief and Barda were able to escape with the help of vine-weaver birds.[2]

Dragon's Nest[]

The Granous pack captured Rolf the Capricon when he came to the hills to intercept Lief, Barda, and Jasmine on their quest to destroy the Four Sisters. The head Granous bit off one of Rolf's fingers when he failed a question, then tasked him with solving a stick puzzle. Lief secretly solved it for Rolf, but the head Granous was suspicious as to how the Capricon could have solved the riddle and threatened to bite off five fingers. The rest of the pack, however, wanted the game to continue, so the head Granous procured a locked box and tasked Rolf with solving it.

The complexity of the box frightened Rolf, and caused him to break the bonds Lief was weakening and expose the king. The pack captured them both, and the leader, recognizing Lief, told him that he would die for humiliating the pack before. Lief called to the Belt of Deltora to protect him, and the leader backed off, declaring that the reason Lief had defeated them before was because he was a sorcerer. However, his magic would not save him this time because he was outnumbered twelve to one.

The rest of the pack was less certain, since four of their numbers had gone into the woods and hadn't come back. They feared Lief may have enchanted them. Their leader dismissed their fears and prepared to kill Lief. only to spot Barda and Jasmine emerge from the trees and kill two more of the pack.

Suddenly, the hills began to shake, and the sky was filled with birds. The lead Granous turned back to Lief and made to kill him, before he was plucked up by the newly awaken Topaz Dragon, Fidelis, and eaten.[1]


As a Granous, the leader was covered in mattered grey hair, possessed long boney fingers, massive yellow teeth, and a wet black nose.



The head Granous possessed a lot of physical abilities. He was strong enough to restrain Lief by himself, and his jaws could sever a human finger in one bite. He could also recognize Lief by scent alone.

The head Granous was also more knowledgeable than the rest of his pack. He was the one who presented the riddles to their captives, and was able to recognize the effects of magic being used on him.



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