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Guardian's palace is in need of more information! Guardian's palace is lacking a History, with events from The Deltora Book of Mosters, when Ranesh came to the palace, from the palace's early history where Jarred/Doom came there, and from The Valley of the Lost, the location's first and last actual appearance.

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The term "Guardian's palace" has not been confirmed by official sources and is merely conjecture.

Glass Palace
The Guardian's palace
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The Guardian/Fardeep (formerly)
The Guardian's pets (formerly)


Hiding place of the Diamond



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Fardeep (formerly)


Fardeep (formerly)

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The Deltora Book of Monsters (mentioned)

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The Valley of the Lost (only appearance)

The Guardian's palace also known as the glass palace was a grand residence made of glass located in the Valley of the Lost in Diamond territory, which was given by the Shadow Lord to Fardeep in exchange for his service and protection of the Diamond. The only ones who lived in the palace were Fardeep as the Guardian, and his monstrous pets. Outside it dwelt the unliving spirits of the fallen Torans and those who had accepted the Guardian's challenge and lost.
Once Lief, Barda and Jasmine defeated the Guardian and returned him to his normal human self, the palace vanished and in its place stood a simple wooden hut, with flowers and grasses growing around it.


The Deltora Book of Monsters[]

A young Ranesh recounted to Josef his experience happening across the Valley of the Lost on his way to Del. The Guardian showed him the riches of his palace, and challenged him to play his game for the chance at a casket full of gold. Ranesh refused, but the Guardian was unbothered, hinting that the Shadow Lord knew of the Torans' impending fall and their destination in the Valley.

The Valley of the Lost[]


The palace was of a grand scale and richly ornamented, but all of its finery were products of illusive magic, without true substance. The Guardian produced food by magic for his guests in the dining hall that smelled and looked delicious, but seemed to turn to ashes in the mouth.
The grand prize for winning the Guardian's name and guessing his "true name" was located in a casket in a sunroom, behind a glass door and connected to the outside by another door.
The Guardian used the inner room connected to this room to brief his guests on their task, give the initial clue, and place a candle that showed how much time they had remaining. This room also held a desk and bookshelf full of books including The Belt of Deltora, a rug showing the Guardian's former self, and a magic mirror that would show a rhyme telling guests what to do next in their hunt for clues.
The palace also contained the Guardian's bedroom, which had a clue in the glass pattern on it, and a dining hall with windows to see outside.



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