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Grub is in need of more information! Grub is lacking information about the cones that the grubs trap their victims inside of.

General information

Secret sea


Sea mole




Large, pale, six stumpy legs, tube-like mouths, large blank eyes, yellow vapor

Chronological information
First appearance

The Isle of Illusion (only appearance)

Grubs or mud grubs are large invertebrates native to a tiny island in the secret sea.[1]


The Isle of Illusion[]

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine arrive on the island between Plume and Auron and were confronted by a colony of grubs. At first the insects were harmless, but then began spraying a vapor that paralysed Lief and Barda. Jasmine was able to escape, and returned with Flash to rescue them before they could be eaten.[1]


The grubs are large pale creatures with six stumpy legs, and plump segmented bodies similar to a caterpillar. Two large tubes extend from either side of their heads, which double as both feeding tubes and for releasing their vapor. The grubs have large, blank eyes that cannot see very far.[1]

The only ability the grubs possess is the bright yellow vapor they use to trap prey. It is vile smelling, and knocks out any warm bodied creature that inhales it. However, it has no affect on cold blooded creatures.[1]

It is also possible to bypass the vapor by covering one's face with a cloth.[1]


The grubs are social creatures who live in colonies inside of clay buildings. They make the clay by mixing mud with a liquid they secret from their feeding tubes. They also use this clay to protect their food.[1]

In combat, the grubs rely on their paralyzing vapor to defeat their enemies. Should that fail, they will run away from attackers. However, they will risk their lives to protecting their food stores.[1]


Grubs are carnivores. Their primary prey are sea moles who come to beach on their island. After capturing their prey, the grubs cover them in wet clay to preserve the body for extended periods of time before sucking up the rotting liquid through a feeding tube. It is unknown if the grubs secrete anything to assist with decomposition.[1]


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