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Gripper Salve is in need of more information! Gripper Salve is lacking a history with events from Return to Del and Secrets of Deltora featuring or talking about the Gripper Salve.

Gripper salve
General information
Created by

The Jalis


Smear on Gripper wounds


To heal wounds caused by Grippers

Chronological information
First appearance

Return to Del

Last appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Gripper Salve is a strong-smelling grey paste made by the Jalis people. It is the only effective treatment for Gripper wounds. [1]
It is made using the flowers of Grippers, lemon, garlic, sage, and the spittle of a particular frog.[2]


Return to Del[]

After being injured by Grippers while trying to avoid the notice of Grey Guards, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine are brought to Withick Mire by Steven. There, Glock tells them that bandages alone will not heal their wounds, and brings out a jar of Gripper Salve. When asked what it is, he replies that the people who made it are long dead, but that his tribe used it in the old days for those who blundered into the Gripper fields.[3]

Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran notes that in order to safely travel through Diamond territory, it is recommended to have at least one jar of Gripper Salve. He mentions that all farmhouses keep a good supply of it, and that it can be bought at any store, tavern, or dwelling. According to him, a place called Milly's Chowder House sells two jars for one gold coin, which Doran calls a good value.[1]

Monsters of Deltora[]

Josef writes about the ingredients of the Jalis ointment for Gripper bites in his book.


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