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"A Gripper looks like a harmless weed, but if you step on it the leaves will instantly spring apart."
— Doran, in Secrets of Deltora[1]

General information

Mainly Diamond territory




Gaping throat, sharp teeth

Chronological information
First appearance

Return to Del

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Secrets of Deltora

The Gripper is a carnivorous plant that typically grows in fields in southern Diamond territory. Grippers have broad, bright green leaves that form flat circles on the ground. They sprout small, purple flowers. Underneath their leaves, Gripper's "mouths" are red, fleshy, and lined with small, sharp fangs that angle downward sharply.

Grippers spread rapidly and can easily cover an wide area if left unchecked. They appear to begin as weeds until they are stepped on or otherwise touched. Once prey comes into contact with their leaves, their leaves spring apart and reveal a gaping "throat" lined with sharp, pointed teeth. Gripper fangs inject a fluid that causes blood to flow freely, and because the fangs point downward it is extremely difficult and painful to free a limb from a Gripper's maw. A Gripper victim will quickly lose consciousness from pain and blood loss, at which point the Gripper will slowly swallow its prey.

Gripper bites are extremely dangerous even if help is available, as they can easily become infected and do not heal quickly, resulting in massive blood loss. The only effective medicine for a Gripper wound is Gripper Salve, a foul, grey paste that is available throughout Diamond territory.[1]


Grippers grow throughout the territory of the Jalis and spread very quickly. They were imported to Topaz territory during the Shadow Lord's reign to guard the roads to Del, though they were presumably removed by King Lief.

Tales of Deltora[]

When only two of the seven goblins were left alive after the group's disastrous exploration of the Land of Dragons, they came across a field of Grippers in Diamond territory. The smaller of the two goblins, unaware of the danger, attempted to eat the leaves of the Grippers, but was devoured by the plants.[2]

The Deltora Book of Monsters[]

Josef mentioned that, since the time of Adin, the kings of Deltora sent guards to help weed the Grippers to prevent them from growing too dangerous. However, this stopped after a wile, and much good farmland was quickly swallowed up by the plants.[3]

Return to Del[]

When stopped by Grey Guards on their way to Whithick Mire, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine were forced to cross a field of Grippers. However, they were unaware of the danger and were nearly eaten by the plants. They managed to escape, though Barda nearly died later of blood loss.

Later, Nevets fed the bodies of the Grey Guards he killed to the Grippers.[4]

Cavern of The Fear[]

Glock mentioned that his family's talisman contained, among other things, the flower of a Gripper.[5]


Gripper Field

Grippers, as they appear in the anime.

  • In the anime, Grippers play a significantly less important role and their appearance is changed.
  • Grippers cannot grow over stone; they can only grow in deep earth.


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