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Grey Guard No. 6 (anime)
Grey Guard No. 6
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Alternative name(s)

Grey Guard No. 6
The Solitary Guard

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First appearance

Episode 57 (anime) (only appearance)

Voiced by

Takayuki Kondō (近藤孝行) (Japanese)

Grey Guard No. 6, also known as The Solitary Guard is a character from the Deltora Quest anime. He first appears in episode fifty-seven, where he is depicted as kind-hearted Grey Guard who is opposed to their violent nature. During his formation in the Factory, a failure occurred, causing him to become friendly. When he was brought to Deltora alongside his comrades, he silently escaped.

He lived in a town, secretly helping the villagers by providing food. Lief, Barda and Jasmine encountered him when they were searching for food. They heard shouting and pleas coming from a woman, who thought that her child had been captured by the guard. However, after a brief fight, he tells the truth to trio. They agree to help him to become the friend of villagers.


  • Grey Guard No. 6 only appeared in the original Japanese version of the Deltora Quest anime, since most filler episodes were cut from the English dub.
  • He has a pet Siskis who keeps him company and loves blueberries and sharing them.