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"Take my talisman from my neck. It is yours now. May it serve you well."
— The ancient words always recited since the time of Glock's ancestor when passing on his clan's talisman[1][2]

Greel's clan talisman
General information
Owned by

Plume who owned the mouthpiece of the Pirran Pipe (original talisman, containing only the Pirran Pipe mouthpiece)
Greel's ancestor
Several members of 1,000 years of different generations of Greel's clan

Created by

Greel's ancestor (when he took the brown pouch containing the Pirran Pipe mouthpiece from the dead Plume and decided it was a talisman)

In possession of

Greel's ancestor
Several members of 1,000 years of generations of Greel's clan


Wear around neck


To protect the wearer from dying in battle



Physical information

Presumably Del or Jaliad, worn around Gers' neck


Currently either in Topaz territory or Diamond territory



Chronological information
First appearance

Tales of Deltora

Last appearance

The Shadowlands

Greel's clan talisman is a protective Jalis talisman that was passed down through the generations in Greel's clan, Glock's ancient Jalis family. It is a small brown cloth pouch attached to a leather string, containing several pieces – herbs of great power, the river stone from the belly of a Diamond Python, the purple flower of a gripper, and until the quest for the Pirran Pipe the mouthpiece of the Pipe itself, which was thought to be a "goblin talisman" from ancient times. [3]

It was believed by the members of Glock's clan that the talisman protected the wearer from dying in battle.[3][2]

The first to possess the talisman was an ancestor of Glock, over 1,000 years ago, when he accidentally killed a Pirran of the Plume tribe when he lay on him in his bed, crushing the creature, who he believed to be a "goblin" to death and took the brown pouch containing the mouthpiece and wore it around his neck.[3] The Plume had been one of "the Seven Traitors." The talisman is currently in the possession of Gers, the younger brother of Glock.[2]

Over the course of the more than 1,000 years that the talisman has existed, the brown cloth pouch that contains the pieces of the talisman has become faded in colour.[2][1]



The talisman of Greel's clan first came to be on a day over 1,000 years ago, when the ancestor of Greel – leader of the Jalis during King Adin's time – and Glock – last surviving Jalis in Deltora until the liberation of the Shadowlands slaves – came home to his hut. Before then, seven members of the Plume tribe, one of the three Pirran tribes living on hidden islands in a secret sea underneath the land of Deltora, then called the Land of Dragons, had ventured from the island of Plume and into Land of Dragons. This group, today referred to as "the Seven Traitors", had travelled to the world above to try and get help to lead their people back into the sun, and one of them carried a brown cloth pouch around the neck containing the mouthpiece of the ancient and fabled Pirran Pipe, whose magical powers once protected the Pirrans' original land, now the Shadowlands, which, like the Pirrans themselves, had been split into three parts. In only one day, the six other Plumes had died, most purely by accident, and in the end the last remaining of the group came to the forests in the Jalis territory and found the hut, inside of which the Plume sought refuge during the night.[3]

The next morning, the ancestor of Greel and Glock came home after a long day, still wearing his heavy knight's armour, and threw himself into his bed to sleep. He did not notice the Pirran already lying in it, who was inadvertently crushed to death. The Jalis knight found the cloth pouch on the Pirran containing the piece of the Pirran Pipe on the dead Pirran, whom he believed was a "goblin",[3] and, merely believing the piece to be a protective goblin talisman,[3][2] took the pouch and wore it around his own neck as a protective talisman. He passed the talisman on to his own child who passed it on to his and so on until 1,000 years ago where it had wound up with Greel, during the lifetime of Adin. At this point new objects has been added to the pouch, including powerful herbs, a river stone from the belly of a Diamond Python, two stones from a dragon's nest, and the flower of a gripper.[3]

In Greel's possession[]

When the blacksmith Adin came to the Jalis territory to try and convince the tribe to add the Topaz to the Belt of Deltora which he had created, he met Greel at the Jalis tribal chief's hut. After sparring with the man of Del, Greel decided he would still kill Adin but that he had enough fight in him to be allowed to survive for a single night and feast with the other Jalis in the meeting hall in the tribe's capital of Jaliad. While riding in his horse-drawn cart to Jaliad, Greel told a confused Adin of his clan, especially of the story of how his ancestor had killed the Plume, or "goblin" as Greel called it, and showed the pouch to the blacksmith.[3]

In Glock's possession[]

About 1,000 years after King Adin's time, the talisman of Greel's clan was in the possession of the chief's descendant, Glock, who wore it always. Glock wore it throughout the quest for the Belt of Deltora, during which time he was a member of the Resistance. Almost one year after the quest and the banishing of the Shadow Lord from Deltora, Glock, at the time the last remaining Jalis in Deltora, the rest having been taken to the Shadowlands to be slaves, had moved into palace of Del and taken his clan's talisman with him, still worn around his neck.[2]

In Jasmine's possession[]

At one point Jasmine was contacted by a young girl through a magical crystal set in a wooden table that she found in a strange room on the third floor of the palace, who looked exactly like Jasmine years ago and claimed to be her sister, still trapped in the Shadowlands. "Faith", who was in reality an apparition conjured by the Shadow Lord, pleaded with Jasmine to try and come and save her and the rest of the Deltoran slaves in the Shadowlands, saying that King Lief was refusing to do anything. The Shadow Lord wanted to lure the heir-less Lief to his death so that the magic of the Belt of Deltora could never defy him again and he could take over Deltora. From then on, Jasmine had a burning wish to travel to the Shadowlands so that she might save Faith.[2]

That same day day Glock and another member of the Resistance, Jinks, were in the great hall of the palace and gambling over their Fighting Spiders when Jasmine came running in to try and find solitude, having fought with King Lief over his decision not to invade the Shadowlands to liberate the slaves, as he feared he would be sending thousands of Deltorans to their death, instead opting to go to Tora to find an unknown relative of his that he had tracked down, as he had no heir, however this plan was so secret that he could not even tell Jasmine, and she believed he was merely going to the city to seek refuge from the many Deltorans that came every day to the palace to ask him to liberate the slaves. Jasmine, having hoped for some time alone, is annoyed at finding the two Resistance members. Trying to rile Jasmine up further, Jinks noted that he has heard Lief was going to Tora and asked if Jasmine was accompanying him, calling her "my lady" much to Jasmine's annoyance.[2]

In the following conversation, Glock complained of Lief's decision to flee to Tora rather than invade the Shadowlanda and free his people, boasting that he could lead an army there if Lief would let him. Jinks questioned if Glock would survive the battle, prompting Glock to show them his clan's talisman, claiming its power would protect him and make him live.[2]

The next day Lief left for Tora, and later that same day Jasmine was visited by a young man named Ranesh who claimed he and his friend was guarding a treasure in the cellar of Del Pottery. Jasmine, intrigued, followed Ranesh to the potter and found Josef, who had been chief palace librarian in the time of King Alton. Him and Ranesh had been guarding ‘'The Deltora Annals, ancient and important books recording Deltora's history from ancient times to the present. Josef, Ranesh and the ‘'Annals were given a home at the palace. There was much celebration at the palace at the return of Josef and the ‘'Annals, however Jasmine was disappointed in the "treasure", as she had never thought much of books, having lived most of her life in the Forests of Silence. But she quickly changed her mind once she learned from Ranesh that the books contained maps, believing they might have maps that would help her reach the Shadowlands. Following Ranesh's advice, Jasmine studied the maps made by Doran the Dragonlover in volume 5 of the ‘'Annals, and happened upon a map of the secret Pirran underground sea and a cryptic coded writing by Doran detailing how to get to them through the OsMine Hills. Believing she had found a way to the Shadowlands, Jasmine decided to travel to the OsMine Hills to find the entrance to the secret sea as detailed by the writing and map.[2]

Glock followed after Jasmine, carrying the talisman with him. When they came in through the entrance to the cavern containing the sea of the Plumea, Glock and Jasmine fell down through a hole and plunged into the water. They almost drowned then, and if it had not been for Glock holding Jasmine up from the water she would have died. They were rescued by one of the Plumes' fishing boats and taken to the island, where they were then captured to be sacrificed in the Plumes' annual Giving ritual to appease The Fear, a huge monster that lived in and permanently blocked The Glimmer, the tunnel connecting the sea of the Plumes and the sea of the Auron tribe, so their island would not be destroyed by The Fear.[2]

Meanwhile King Lief was in Tora to retrieve his cousin, Marilen, the only relative and only other heir of Adin that Lief had been able to track down, intending to bring her back to the palace so she could wear the Belt of Deltora in his place and rule as queen should be die. While there, the chief of the Toran tribe, Zeean, told Lief of the legend of the Pirran Pipe, a magical flute that was said to be the only weapon powerful enough to combat the Shadow Lord in his own domain, the Shadowlands. When he returned to the palace he went to the library to ask Josef for material on the Pirran Pipe, and the librarian, who believed the Pipe to be real, showed him the Tenna Birdsong Tale ‘'The Girl with the Golden Hair and the cryptic writing and map of the secret sea, claiming that Jasmine has been reading it not long ago. Lief was taken aback at this, never having known Jasmine to be very interested in reading. Studying the texts and map, however, Lief found clues pointing to the fact that Jasmine had travelled to the secret sea. He panicked at the prospect of losing Jasmine and decided to immediately leave to track her down, accompanied by his close friend Barda, captain of the palace guards.[2]

When King Lief and Captain Barda caught up with Jasmine and Glock caught, they too were captured to be used in the Giving. Jasmine mentioned how Glock had risked his own life by holding her up in the water to save her from drowning, but protesting Glock had jeered that he would have been able to hold twenty of her, and that his talisman protects him from drowning.[2]

When they were sent into the tunnel, Glock the monster. During the battle Glock managed to kill The Fear by stabbing his then-broken sword into its giant tearing beak, but was mortally wounded by being crushed under the collapsing mass of flesh that made up the center of The Fear, with only his head and shoulders being free. While dying, Glock told Jasmine, whom he had always had a rivalry with and called a weakling, that calling her a weakling had been sport and that she had "the heart of a Jalis", and offered her his clan's talisman, reciting the ancient passing-on speech: "Take my talisman from my neck. It is yours now. May it serve you well." Jasmine at first hesitated, her eyes widening, but Glock grew impatient and ordered her to take it from his neck so he could see it in her hands. She did as she was told and Glock looked at the pouch in her hand, and then noted that while Jasmine might think the protective talisman did not serve him well, since he had been mortally wounded by The Fear while wearing it, but reminded her that the dearest wish of a Jalis is to die fighting in a great cause, and he believed he had done that. Jasmine then tied the pouch around her neck.[2]

Having rid the Plumes of The Fear, Jasmine, Lief and Barda were brought back to the island of Plume by boat, carrying the dead body of Glock in the boat. Although Lief and Barda had only travelled to Plume to save Jasmine from potentially dying, now that they were there and knew the Pirrans existed in the seas and by extension that the Pirran Pipe was real, though split into three parts, each one rearing with one of the three Pirran tribes, they decided to go on a quest for the Pipe.[2]

While the three went on land, they left Glock in the boat, and met the crowd of the Plumes, and asked them for their piece of the Pirran Pipe, as they had decided to attempt to collect the three pieces and use the magic flute to combat the Shadow Lord and liberate the slaves, however the Pirrans no longer had the piece, as it had been "stolen" by the Seven Traitors and brought to the above world. Jasmine, realising that the Plumes' piece of the pipe was in the "goblin talisman" inside Glock's pouch, opened the pouch and produced it, to the astonishment of everyone.[2]

Worron, chief of the Plumes, however did not want to allow the companions to keep the mouthpiece. It had been Worron's decision to give The Fear more than one sacrifice for the Giving, which the other Plumes had doubted the wisdom of doing, as they believed it may be too many sacrifices and that it might make The Fear demand more every year. This, and other decisions made by Worron, had caused the Plumes to lose their trust in him, and so they decided he was no longer fit to be Piper. Instead, they chose Nols, the woman who had originally been chosen as the sacrifice and who had been the first to stand up against Worron. Having been appointed Piper and thus chief of the tribe, and having been given the magic of the other tribesmen, Nols allowed the three companions to keep the mouthpiece in their quest to restore the Pirran Pipe. Glock was then buried among the past Pipers of Plume, which Jasmine thought Glock would have liked, and that "he would have liked to take his place among chiefs."[2]

Jasmine carried the talisman with her throughout the rest of the quest for the Pirran Pipe, carrying it around her neck as they travelled to Auron[2] and Keras and even wore it as the three went into the Shadowlands, along with the Keron Emlis, though a magical entrance in the secret underground sea called "The Shadow. However when they came to the Shadowlands and found themselves on the Dead Plain, Emlis was abducted by a horde of creatures known as "the Wild Ones", hideous monsters created from Deltoran slaves after having been experimented on by the Shadow Lord. The three managed to save him, only to almost get overrun by insectoid creatures called Scourers, however they were saved at the last second by a band of escaped Deltoran slaves, including a Jalis man named Gers, who dragged them into a secret cave under the rock.

Gers and his band introduced themselves as a Resistance group, the original on which Jarred, having escaped from the Shadowlands, based his own Resistance in Deltora on, having been saved by the group too. Initially, the Resistance fighters believed the companions to be decoys or spies working for the Shadow Lord, as they had come from the south-east of the Shadowlands and thus could not have been escaped prisoners, since the last of the Deltoran prisoners seen had been in the south-west, where they had been in the process of being forcibly moved towards the Shadow Arena by Grey Guards to meet their fate.[2]

Gers was the older brother of Glock and looked so like him that at first the three companions are taken aback. When Gers demanded to know why they were staring at him, questioning if it is because they have a problem with his name, they tell him it is because he looks exactly like their old Jalis friend. Gers was suspicious at first, having witnessed Glock being struck down on the battlefield when the Jalis made their last stand against the Shadow Lord, before Gers and the rest of the Jalis were captured and brought to the Shadowlands to be slaves. Jasmine explained to Gers that while Glock was struck down he did not die then, but lived to play a great part in forcing the Shadow Lord from Deltora, and died a hero's death, and almost revealed where he had died but was stopped by Barda clearing his throat, reminding her that the three had promised to keep the existence of the Pirrans and their sea secret to themselves, and simply added "in our arms" lamely. As Gers frowned suspiciously at this comment, Jasmine produced the talisman of Glock and Gers' family from her neck and showed it to him as proof of them not being spies. Jasmine offered the talisman to Gers, saying that it was his by right and that Glock would have wanted Gers to have it and had only given it to her because there was no one else around and because they had fought together. She told Gers that though the "goblin talisman" had been removed from the talisman, rendering it incomplete, he might still like to have it. Gers demanded to know what Glock had said when he gave the talisman to Jasmine and she recited the words, which Gers claimed were the words always said when passing on the talisman and this convinced Gers that Jasmine was speaking the truth and that they were not spies or decoys. He bowed low to her, stating his wish to one day fight by her side as Glock had, and took the talisman from Jasmine's hand. Jasmine told Gers that the time for that had already come and asked him and the rest of the Resistance to come with them to the west to help them in their task of liberating the slaves with the Pirran Pipe, which they agreed to do.[1]

In Gers' possession[]

The companions and the Resistance fighters travelled westward towards the land around the Shadow Lord's Factory, through a tunnel connecting the Resistance cave to the that area. Having reached the entrance to the land above, Gers witnessed Jasmine murmuring to her raven, Kree, and him fluttered up the hole in the roof, then returning to her shoulder giving a series of low squawks which prompted Jasmine's face to grow alert, which made him curse under his breath and feel for his talisman as he muttered to his group's leader, Mikal, that "the bird is speaking to her!"[2]

Gers kept his clan's talisman with him as she helped liberate the Deltoran slaves from the Shadowlands and returned to Deltora by the magic of the Pirrans. Gers settled in the city, presumably keeping the talisman with him at all times.

Presumably he also wore the talisman when he was in Del during the Toran Plague, and at the wedding of Lief and Jasmine.[4]


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