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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

Great Serpent is in need of more information! Great Serpent is lacking a record of Rowan, Asha, Doss and Seaborn's encounter with the Great Serpent from Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal.

"The Great Serpent, the mother of all the other serpents of the sea..."
Perlain to Rowan.[1]

Great Serpent2
Great Serpent
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Silver Sea






Poison used to make antidote for Death Sleep

Chronological information
First appearance

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal (only appearance)

The Great Serpent is an ancient sea serpent that commonly attacks fisherman from Maris in the Silver Sea. Before Rowan, Asha, Doss and Seaborn saw the beast, only Orin was said to have seen the serpent and survived.[1]


Orin met the Great Serpent on Maris, despite the legend passed down. He was able to escape and found the Crystal. He took it and became Maris' first leader, the first Keeper.[1]

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal[]

Rowan, curious about the origin of the Keeper of the Crystal, asked Perlain about the story of Orin the Wise. Perlain told Rowan of Orin's encounter with the Serpent. Rowan shuddered, remembering a picture of the Great Serpent in Rin's house of books, depicting the serpent crushing a Maris boat. Perlain continued, stating that Orin was attacked by the serpent while dangerously fishing at sunset during a full moon. It hunted him to the Island in the harbour, and there Orin fled into a cave. He plunged through a dark tunnel that led deep below the sea and in a small, rocky cavern, found the Crystal. This led to him becoming Maris' first leader, the first Keeper.[1]


The Great Serpent lives in the Silver Sea, but once a year, comes ashore to lay its eggs.[1]


The Great Serpent is described as having the body of a gigantic snake and the head of a dragon. Its scales are golden. It has huge jaws, a black, forked tongue, and a mouth that is smooth and yellow. Its fangs are needle-sharp, white, tipped with black, and from them drip poison that looks like liquid gold. Its eyes are yellow.[1]


The Great Serpent only appears rising out of the waters during a full moon. It acts vicious, destroying any living creature it comes across. Each year after sunset, unbeknownst to Maris folk, the Great Serpent lays eggs inland in a pool protected by a fighter bird on the side of the Island rarely visited by Maris folk.[1]


The Great Serpent eats any living creature, though predominately fish.[1]