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"...he lived quietly, moulding amber mud into strange, beautiful shapes that moved..."
— Trader Sven in A Trader's Life[1]

General information
Alternative name(s)

Goozli doll

Created by

Tier (original goozlis)
Turtle people


Give orders


To serve the owner

Chronological information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master (mentioned)

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle

A goozli, or goozli doll, is a tiny magical servant made of animated amber mud.[2] Goozlis are bound to their owner forever, until the owner dies or the goozli is destroyed. They have healing powers, having a fragment of the life-giving magic of Tier within them.[3]


Tier created the goozli figures after his mother left him alone in the swamp. He moulded amber mud into figures.[1]

The turtle people living in the centre of the Two Moons swamplands, one of many swamp dweller groups, create goozlis and use them to harvest sunrise pearls.

Dare Larsett traded his sky sphere for a goozli on his last trip to Two Moons.[2]

Two Moons[]

Britta received a goozli from Thurl in exchange for saving Stassi's life.[2]

The Towers of Illica[]

The Hungry Isle[]


Star of Deltora[]


  • The magic that imbues goozlis prevents their owners from telling others about them.[2]


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