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Gold bell tree
Gold bell tree
General information
Owned by

Olla-Scollbow has the smaller of the trees in his Collection at Scollbow Tower on Illica

Created by

Unnamed artist from Dorne

In possession of

Olla-Scollbow (smaller tree)




Art. To magically play a song.

Chronological information
First appearance

The Towers of Illica

The gold bell trees was two small magical perfect models of a bell tree made by an artist from Dorne. The artist only made two, one being slightly larger than the other. The trees' gnarled trunks were made of gold, the finely carved leaves were made of green jade and the bell-shaped fruit were made of golden topaz. When touched the topaz bell-fruit glows and a soft, sighing song fill the air. Olla-Scollbow owned the smaller of the trees in his collection at Scollbow Tower on Illica.[1]



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