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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

Gifting is in need of more information! Gifting is lacking a detailed History with events from The Golden Door, as well as The Third Door in which we get a flashback of the events that lead to the first Gifting.

Gifting Cease

The Gifting was a magical blood ritual that was instated a thousand years ago on Dorne by the sorcerer and chieftain, Annoltis, which allowed Annoltis to live another seven years and strengthen him, by having seven young people captured by his Gifters and sacrificed to sea serpents so that he could use their blood to strengthen him with their life-force. The ritual was to be performed every seven years on Midsummer Eve. Only the first Gifting was carried out successfully while the second Gifting was only partially completed as Rye, who had gone through the golden Door to the past, had commanded the sea serpents who were to slay the sacrifices, causing them to instead attack Annoltis, and thus stopping the Gifting rituals from happening.[1] Before Rye changed history, an alternative future existed where Annoltis kept on living, ruling and carrying out the Gifting ritual forever.[2]





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