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Cavern of The Fear

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The Shadowlands

Fury is a female Fighting Spider who originally belonged to Jinks.[1]


Cavern of The Fear[]

Jinks bought Fury sometime after returning to the palace. Jinks pitted Fury against Glock's fighting spider, Flash, who overpowered Fury. This loss caused her to develop an overpowering need for revenge. She raged inside her cage for days, giving Jinks no end of peace.

When Jasmine and Glock disappeared from the palace, Lief and Barda tasked Jinks and Fury with tracking them down, as Glock had taken Flash with him. Fury tracked Flash into the Os-Mine Hills, where Lief, Barda, and Jinks were captured by a pack of Granous. Fury continued to track Flash into the subterranean forest and got stuck in a nest of vine-weaver birds. These same birds freed Lief and Barda in exchange for them removing Fury.

Fury escaped from Lief and Barda again when the three of them fell into the Pirran Caverns. While Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and Glock were battling The Fear, Fury finally located Flash and battled with him inside one of the Plume's buildings. The companions restrained both spiders, but not before Fury defeated Flash.[1]

The Isle of Illusion[]

Since the Plume tribe would not allow the fighting spiders to remain on their island, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine were forced to bring them along to the island of Auron. Barda kept Fury's cage with him when they landed on the grub island, and she was imprisoned with Lief when the grubs captured him and Barda. Because of this, Flash cut his way through the grubs to battle with Fury, which allowed Jasmine to rescue Lief and Barda.

The companions took Fury and Flash with them when Penn offered to show them the Island of Auron. Their boat passed beyond the warning ring of seaweed, which alerted two Arach who came and destroyed the boat. Fury and Flash survived the incident and came to a mutual understanding that there were even greater enemies neither of them could defeat. Both of them then put asside their differences and wrestled only in play-fighting.[2]

The Shadowlands[]

Penn became quite fond of Fury and Flash once they stopped fighting, so the companions agreed to leave the spiders in her care when they left for the island of Keras.[3]


She was about as large as a plate.


As a Fighting Spider, Fury has the ability to track down the spider who defeated her in battle, even if they are miles away from her.



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