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The fungus tree is a species of large fungus native to the Pirran Caverns in the secret underground sea.[1][2][3] They are large as trees,[1][2] strangely-shaped[1] and branching,[1][2] and sturdy enough to be used in the construction of houses, boats and tools.[2][3] They exist in many colours, including scarlet red,[1] brown[1][3] and green.[3] The fungus trees are fast-growing.[3]


Cavern of The Fear[]

In the waters near the island of Plume grows scarlet fungus trees, while on the island itself there are hills of red and brown ones.

When King Lief and Captain Barda came to the island of Plume in search of Jasmine, they encounted the strange fungus trees, which Lief first thought were regular trees. The two companions had been saved from the waters by two Plumes, Clef and Azan, when they had fallen through a hole from a cavern and down into the secret sea. They had paddled the intruders to the shore quickly, as the The Fear were creating massive waves from its place in The Glimmer tunnel. A few of the fungus trees on Plume nearest the water had been uprooted by these waves.[1]

The Isle of Illusion[]

Once the Aurons came upon the island of Keras, and found it covered by fast-growing fungus trees. When the Pirrans first came upon the island, some believed it and the shining opal caverns had a wild beauty but most believed it to be ugly and began creating illusions of Pirra. They went further, weaving a spell, creating a magical dome around the island to contain the illusion. With the illusion, the fungus trees came to resemble trees. The history of these events were recorded on a piece of parchment titled "How the Rafts Came to Be" which told of how many of the Aurons were forced to leave Auron and crate floating rafts.

Once they had reunited with Jasmine on the island of Plume, King Lief and Captain Barda, and Jasmine, decided to travel to the rest of the Pirran isles on a quest to find the three pieces of the Pirran Pipe. They already had the mouthpiece. On this journey they were forced to enter the dome of Auron. Here was insulted by the Aurons and she told them the truth of it. She caused the magical dome to crack, by making the sole surviving Auron inside, Auris, doubt the fact that illusion was real, and once it faded the fungus trees appeared once more where regular trees had been in the illusion. These branching fungus trees grow towering and hunching in clumps and are tall and thick as ancient trees. They also dot the horizon. The clumps today are sparse though.[2]

The Shadowlands[]

On the island of Keras, just beyond its shore there is a forest of fungus trees in soft greens and browns. The village on the island has houses made of green fungus wood. The Kerons has also made small pipe flutes of fungus wood.

When King Lief, Captain Barda and Jasmine came to Keras during their quest for the Pirran Pipe, they encountered they saw the fungus tree forest, the fungus wood dwellings in the island's village, and once they reunited the endpiece of the Pirran Pipe with the first two pieces they had already gained from the other Pirran tribes, they were at a party where the Kerons brought out their fungus wood pipes to play music on them.[3]


Deltora Quest[]

Deltora Quest 2[]


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