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Funeral of Dare Larsett
General information

Del Cemetary, Del


Dare Larsett is lain to rest under his own name

First appearance

The Hungry Isle

After it was revealed that it was the treacherous captain Mikah who had become King of Tier rather than Dare Larsett as it was originally thought, a funeral was held in honor of Dare Larsett outside the Traders' Hall.[1]


The funeral was attended by a vast number of citizens, including King Lief, Queen Jasmine and Larsett's previously disgraced family. As evening fell, the sunlight lit the shapes of the remaining few, which included Larsett's daughter, Britta, standing before her father's grave with Jantsy, her childhood friend. As she scanned what remained of the stragglers, Britta caught sight of her friend Sky glancing over at her from where he stood with Jewel, Erin of Broome, Captain Hara and Collin and Vorn, "as if wishing she would join them", then observed Trader Mab, Healer Kay and Captain Gripp walking slowly towards the celebrations held in honour of Larsett in the Traders' Hall. She also caught sight of her father's old friends Lean Alice the fortune-teller and Sheevers, the latter of whom, now calm with Lief's reassurances he could continue to search for lanterns, but now with clothing and food left for him in honour of Dare Larsett, was clutching to Maris lanterns traded by Larsett during the Star of Deltora's fatal voyage. The two stood in the shadows, speaking with Trader Sorrel - another old friend of Larsett's - and discussing unknown terms. The group nearest to Britta and Jantsy, however, was Larsett's mourning widow, Maarie, who wore a grieving but peaceful air as she stood in front of her beloved's grave, the odi shell hairclip intended by her husband as a gift in her hair and Britta's sister, Margareth besides her. As she and Jantsy spoke of how things had changed, Britta declares that she is greatful her father's name has been cleared and his body lain to rest, she knew his spirit was out on the open sea.[1]f


Star of Deltora[]


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