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Frere was a man of Del who had worked as a cook on The Golden Dragon for many years. He was a close friend of the ship's owner Trader Garth, and had known his daughter Rosalyn since babyhood.


Tales of Deltora[]

Garth entrusted Frere to watch Rosalyn at all times during her trip to Dorne. She tricked him by pretending to be tired, causing him to stop by his brother Jo's house early, and slipped out while he was distracted, later meeting and eloping with an alluring half-Fellan stranger. Although Rosalyn left a note for her father saying that Frere was not to blame for her escape, Frere is implied to have been discreetly killed by Garth in the voyage back to Del, with the story that he had been killed in a sea serpent attack during a stormy night.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Frere was a large man, described as getting on in years, but still powerfully built.


Frere was a kindhearted man, who brought gifts from the Land of Dragons for his brother and his family, but also cared deeply for his charge, Rosalyn, and was willing to delay his visit to watch her. He took his duty seriously and watched Rosalyn closely, not wishing her to come to harm.


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