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The Forbidden Way is a narrow, dark tunnel in the Pirran Caverns that forms a passage to Keras. It separates the Opal sea and the Emerald sea. A flying, mot-like leech species inhabits the Forbidden Way.[1]


Doran passed through the Forbidden Way while exploring the underground caverns.[1]

The Shadowlands[]

King Lief, Barda and Jasmine passed through the Forbidden Way to reach Keras. Their boat, given to them by the Aurons, accelerated because the magic of the Pirran Pipe pulled them along. During their journey through the tunnel, the companions encountered millions of the winged leeches that inhabit the Forbidden Way. Lief ordered Barda and Jasmine to hide under his cloak to evade the blood-sucking creatures. While the companions took refuge under the cloak, thousands of leeches began piling on top of the cloth. The companions could no longer hold the cloak in place because of the enormous, shifting weight. A tiny gap between the boat and the cloak appeared and leeches quickly began streaming through the hole. Lief realised that the leeches were in such great numbers that they would soon overwhelm them. He closed his eyes, accepting his doom. Then a sudden strange peace flowed through Lief, followed by the music of the Pirran Pipe. He surrendered to its power, he drifted out of consciousness, and so did not notice that they passed through the exit of the Forbidden Way, into the light of the Emerald cavern and onto the shore of Keras.[1]

Appearance and layout[]

The Forbidden Way is a narrow tunnel. Inside the tunnel it is completely dark although the tunnel can be lit by Keron magic. At the mouth of the Forbidden Way, in the Opal sea, there is a bright band of pink and yellow seaweed planted by the Aurons to mark the dangerous landmark.[1]


  • The Forbidden Way was part of a former Auron Law: 'No Auron may enter the Forbidden Way'.
  • It is unknown how long a journey through the Forbidden Way normally takes. The companions passed through it in a couple of minutes. However, the magic of the Pirran Pipe considerably increased the speed of their boat, significantly shortening the journey through the tunnel.


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