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Jaliad (formerly)
Plume Island

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Fighting Spider



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Fury (formerly)

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Glock's pet Fighting Spider (formerly)
Penn's pet Fighting Spider

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Cavern of The Fear

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The Shadowlands

Flash is a male Fighting Spider who originally belonged to Glock. He is obsessed with fighting and after Glock died, became the pet of Penn.[1]


Cavern of The Fear[]

Glock bought Flash sometime after he moved into the palace. He used the spider to gamble against Jinks' spider, Fury. In their first confrontation, Flash won, filling Fury with a need for revenge. When Jasmine and Glock disappeared, Lief and Barda used Fury to find them, as Glock had taken Flash with them. As the companions and Glock killed The Fear, Flash and Fury battled again, this time ending in Fury's victory. The companions were forced to take the spiders with them to the isle of Auron, as the Plume Tribe refused to allow them to remain.[1]

The Isle of Illusion[]

Because he lost their second battle, Flash was filled with a desire for revenge against Fury. Kree used this to his advantage when Lief, Barda, and Fury were captured by giant Grubs on their way to Auron. He let Flash out of his cage, and the spider tore a path through the grubs and the clay cocoon around Barda to reach his rival, which allowed Jasmine, Filli and Kree to rescue Lief.

Flash and Fury were both brought to the Island of Auron, where they witnessed two Arach destroy Penn's boat. The two spiders realized that they had an even greater enemy that they could not defeat alone and put away their differences. Afterwards, they seemed to lose their desire for violence, and now fought only in play.[2]

The Shadowlands[]

Penn became quite fond of Flash and Fury once they stopped fighting, so the companions allowed her to keep them when they went to the isle of Keras.[3]


Flash is yellow-backed and brown.[2]


Being a fighting spider, Flash was obsessed with fighting. He was also determined to make up for any loss he suffered, needing revenge on any opponent that defeated him. Nothing could stop him from continuing to try to achieve his revenge once he decided he wanted it.

However, after facing the Arach, he realized there were opponents he could not defeat, and lost his obsession for fighting, to the point of making friends with a spider who had defeated him in their last fair fight.


Flash is a powerful fighter. He was able to rip through hoards of grubs when in a rage. Being a fighting spider, Flash is able to track another fighting spider's scent.[1][2]


Deltora Quest[]

Deltora Quest 2[]


In The Isle of Illusion, Flash is sometimes referred to as male and sometimes as female


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