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Fish riddle 1

The riddle.

The fish stick riddle was a riddle given to Rolf by a pack of Granous. Lief ended up solving the riddle on Rolf's behalf.[1]


Dragon's Nest[]

After failing his first riddle and loosing a finger, Rolf was presented with eight sticks arranged in the shape of a fish. The lead Granous told him to move three sticks in order to make the fish swim in the opposite direction.[1]

Fish riddle 2

The solution.

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine were drawn to the scene by Rolf's pained cries. While Barda and Jasmine took up position, Lief solved the riddle so that Rolf would not lose another finger. However, the Granous accused Rolf of cheating, so their next challenge was much harder.[1]


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