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First Gifting
General information

Banishment of Malverlain from Dorne
Sinking of the Isle of Four Sisters
Malverlain's landing on Deltora and banishment to the Barrier Mountains
Creation of the Shadowlands




The second Gifting




About 1,000 years ago, at the time of Queen Adina of Deltora, shortly before Eldannen and his followers' departure, the founding of Weld
Seven years before the second Gifting and Annoltis' death


Rock of sacrifice in Oltan Bay, in the city of Oltan (formerly known as Nerra, now known as New Nerra)


Strengthening and life-prolonging of Annoltis, death of Ethena and Juste D'Or


Seven young murder victims, two of which were Ethena and Juste D'Or, chiefs of Fleet and parents of Faene D'Or

First appearance

The Golden Door (mentioned)

Last appearance

The Third Door (mentioned)

The first Gifting was the first Gifting ritual carried out by Chieftain Annoltis of Dorne which strengthened him and prolonged his life with seven years.[1] Annoltis wanted to perform the ritual because he had grown jealous and wary of his brother, Malverlain, who had achieved immortality and grew in power every day, all while in exile across the sea.[2] Seven people were captured by his Gifter soldiers and slain by sea serpents in Oltan Bay on that year's Midsummer Eve so that their blood could be used in the ceremony reinvigorate Annoltis. Among the victims in the first Gifting were the chiefs of Fleet, Ethena and Juste D'Or, parents of Faene D'Or.[1] When Annoltis had made the plan to carry out the first Gifting known to his younger brother, Eldannen, the plan prompted the brother to leave Oltan with a large group of followers and travel into the centre of the Fell Zone, where he founded the city of Weld.[2] After the "sacrificial" murder of Ethena and Juste, a gravestone was built in a garden in Fleet to honour their memory.[1]

Seven years later, a second Gifting was to be performed, however before it could be completed it and all future Giftings were stopped by Rye of Weld, who had travelled, unbeknownst to him, back in time through Eldannen's golden Door, and caused the death of Annoltis. Before Rye had done this, however, an alternative future existed where Annoltis kept on living and ruling forever.[2]



The Three Doors[]


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