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   This article is about the first Cold Time. For the second Cold Time featured in Rowan of the Bukshah go to Second Cold Time.

First Cold Time
General information

The island of Maris

First appearance

Rowan of the Bukshah (mentioned, only appearance)

The first Cold Time was a harsh winter that descended on Maris centuries ago, and brought the ice creepers down from the Mountain. The Cold Time happened because the people of the Valley of Gold put up fences around the bukshah, preventing the animals to travel to Mountain Heart on the Mountain during winter to eat the grey fungus there produced by the ice creepers, which in turn caused the Valley's river of molten gold to flow with greater pressure, giving the people of the Valley more gold and riches. The people of the Valley eventually learned of their mistake and tore down the fence.

Later, the descendants of the people of the Valley of Gold, the villagers of Rin, put a fence around the bukshah once more, causing the Second Cold Time. However, this time the ice creepers and their expanding nest caused the flow of gold not to build but to stop instead.


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