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Field of Masks
General information
Alternative name(s)

The secret field


Masked Ones members while growing and harvesting purebond roots


The habitat of the Masked Ones' purebond roots used in making masks of adulthood


In use

Form of government

Inherited leadership

Head of state

Leader of the Masked Ones


Bess (fomerly)


The Masked Ones


Workers presumably appointed by the leader of the Masked Ones

Chronological information
First appearance

Shadowgate (only appearance)

The Field of Masks is a secret field only known to the Masked Ones, located in the furthest north of Ruby territory very near the border between Ruby territory and Opal territory. The field is bordered by a massive hedge, filled with barrier moths on three sides - the east, west and south sides - while the north side is without the creatures, is thin and full of gaps. Beyond the northern side of the field is a muddy ditch, beyond that a forest and beyond that the Barrier Mountains. The Field of Masks is used by the Masked Ones to secretly grow the purebond roots used in their masks of adulthood. While gathering purebond roots for adult masks, the Masked Ones camp in the forest to the north of the Field of Masks.[1]



Appearance and layout[]

The field is bordered by a massive hedge, where the south, east and west sides are studded with thousands of white barrier moths, which are the size of small birds and resemble white flowers at a distance. A few of them are on the outer leaves of the hedge while most of them cling to twigs deep inside of it. They are all identical and have a red pattern on their wings that read "KEEP OUT", which can glow as a beacon. The moths act as a warning ring for intruders, to keep them out of the Field of Masks as well as the part of the forest located beyond, and to aid in this purpose they are able to spit sizzling poison. To the north of the field is a forest, and beyond it the tall Barrier Mountains. The hedge is thin with sparse leaves on the forest side to the north, and full of gaps left by people of the Masked Ones having pushed through it, but it is even more evident whenever the Masked Ones have recently moved out of the field. There are no moths in this side of the hedge. The hedge on the forest side is separated from the forest by a deep, gaping ditch filled with mud.

At night, the forest side is dark because of its lack of moths. The earth of the field is rough from the Masked Ones digging in it for purebond roots under the earth, and the grass growing there is patchy and mingled with the herb or crop that the purebond roots belong to. The roots smell unpleasantly of over-ripe fruit. The Masked Ones secretly grow the purebond roots in the Field of Masks, to be used in the making of their masks of adulthood. The forest to the north of the field is sometimes occupied by the Masked Ones, and when they are, their music may be heard, carried by breezes.[1]


Deltora Quest[]

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