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Fighting Spiders are an example of fauna in the Universe of Deltora
Fauna in the world of Deltora
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Fauna and habitats


A vast range of fauna inhabit the world of Deltora.


There are several distinct habitats in the World of Deltora, suitable for different animals and plants.

Painted Plain[]

Due to its green fields and pastures, the Painted Plain is ideal for many fauna to live in.

Forests of Silence[]

The Forests of Silence are home to many different creatures, especially insects and anthropods.

Shifting Sands[]

Due to its hot climate, the Shifting Sands do not allow for much fauna to thrive. However, the desert is still home to many insects and dangerous predators.

List of fauna[]


  • Barrier moth — Poison spitting insects cultivated by the Masked Ones.
  • Beetle — Small flying insect with wings.[1]
  • Bee — Flying insect found in swarms.[2]
  • Blackbird — Dark flying bird.[3][4]
  • Blood Creeper
  • Bubbler
  • Cat — Domesticated feline.[5]
  • Caterpillar[6]
  • Cow — Large bovine animal.
  • Crab — Crustacean found along the shores of Deltora.
  • Chicken — Small bird commonly cooked and roasted.[7]
  • Dog — Domesticated canine.[8]
  • Dragon — Great, winged, scaly, generally intelligent repilian creatures, with magical powers and the ability to breathe fire. Although it is unknown if this ability extends to other dragons, the Deltoran dragon tribes are able to speak as humans do. The underside of dragons are usually pale, but able to change colour depending on the sky they fly below to act as camouflage when looking up from the ground. The dragons of Deltora have an intricate relationship to the land, their territories, and even has a magical link to the gems of their respective territory, which is able to enhance their power if they are lacking energy. Dragons are able to fall into a deep, enchanted sleep that can last for centuries, and they can produce offspring without a mate if the need is dire.
  • Duck
  • Carrier Worm
  • Fighting Spider
  • Flesh Python
  • Fly[6]
  • Hare[7]
  • Hen[7]
  • Horse — Large equine used for manual labour and transportation.
  • King rat — Rat found in Lapis Lazuli territory.[7]
  • Killer worm —Fish-like creature that lives in the depths of the River Tor and the Solver Sea, known to attack people by jumping out of the water.[9]
  • Kreel — Dangerous monster found on Deltora.[2]
  • Mouse — Small rodent found in Lapis Lazuli territory.[7]
  • Owl — Flying bird[10]
  • Pig
  • Raven — Dark flying bird.
  • Seabird[7]
  • Sheep
  • Siskis
  • Snake — Common reptile found all across Deltora.
  • Sparrow — Small black bird.[11]
  • Spider — Eight-legged arachnid capable of weaving a web. Commonly stings flies.[6]
  • Squirrel — Small furred animal native to Mid-Wood.[7]
  • Turkey[12]
  • Wasp — Aggressive flying insect that stings caterpillars.[6]
  • Wild cat — Wild feline.
  • Wolf — Wild canine that inhabits Deltora. [8]
  • Wood-mouse — Mouse found in Os-Mine hills and Mid-Wood.[7]

Diamond territory[]

Emerald territory[]

Lapis Lazuli territory[]

Topaz territory[]

Opal territory[]

Ruby territory[]

Amethyst territory[]

Underground sea[]

  • Arach — Large arachnid that dwell in the caves underneath Opal territory.[15]
  • Grub — Large invertebrate native to the underground sea.[15]
  • Sea horse — Small upright sea creatures, kept by the Aurons as pets, whose bodies glitter with every colour of the rainbow.[15]
  • Sea mole — Plum, grey mammal that swim in the underground sea.[15]
  • Seawing — A fish.[16]
  • Winged leech — Airborne blood-sucking worm bred by the Keron tribe.[16]


  • Bloodhog
  • Riverside hog — New, domesticated breed of the wild bloodhog, said to have descended from the wild bloodhog. Bred at Riverside and in fields along the river around the town, it has no horns, nasty temper and its flesh is as sweet as a hoji nut.[17]
  • Clink
  • Fell dragon
  • Goat — Animal used to pull carts.[18]
  • Keep horse
  • Mouse — Small rodent that infests Dorne.[19]
  • Sea snail
  • Salting snail
  • Skimmer
  • Whine — Small bloodsucking insect that plagues Weld.[18]

Isle of the Four Sisters[]

  • The Beast — Large beast which slept beneath the isle, only to be awoken in a fury after the Sisters stopped singing.[2]

Isle of Tier[]


  • Bukshah — Domesticated animals that live in herds in Rin.[20]
  • Butterfly — Small flying insect that begins as a caterpillar.[21]
  • Dragon of the Mountain — Large dragon that lives atop the Mountain.[20] It is unknown whether it has all the same abilities as the Deltoran dragons, including speech, high intelligence, magical abilities, and the ability to produce offspring without a mate if the need is dire.
  • Frog — Jumping amphibian.[21]
  • Ice creeper — Creatures that dwell on the Mountain.[22]
  • Kirrian Worm — Worm whose eggs are collected each spring morning.[21]

Land of the Zebak[]

  • Grach — Winged, flying creatures.
  • Ishkin — Large, insectoid creatures.[23]


  • Ak-Baba — Enormous vulture-like scavenger birds created by the Shadow Lord to do his bidding. Named by Deltoran sailors after a species of similar birds native to distant lands overseas from Deltora. In reality, the seven Ak-Baba made by the Shadow Lord were created out of the flesh of a member of this species, and given teeth and spinese and made to grow even larger by him through the magic. Only three remain alive following Dragon Night, the four others having been slain by the seven remaining Deltoran dragons. The Ak-Baba, like its precursor and namesake, live a thousand years and only eat dead flesh. They also have a foul rotten flesh-like odour that hangs around their bodies at all times.
  • Scuttler — Carniviorus beetle found on Dead Plain.
  • Vraal — Lizard-like creatures created by the Shadow Lord.

Two Moons[]


  • Regular Ak-Baba — The Ak-Baba is a species of huge vulture-like scavenger birds native to distant lands overseas from Deltora. The Ak-Baba has a lifespan of a thousand years.[3] These birds are not to be confused with the Shadow Lord's seven Ak-Baba, which are a monstrous, larger version of the species, created by him from the flesh of one of the regular Ak-Baba birds with his magic. The monstrous versions were named after the original birds by Deltoran sailors when they found they resembled the Ak-Baba birds they had seen when visiting the lands they were native to.[7][2] Although the Ak-Baba are huge, they are still smaller than the Shadow Lord's creations, and have no teeth or spines.[2] The Deltora Annals contain several descriptions of Ak-Baba from the days when Deltoran sea trade and exploration was common, before the establishment of the monarchy.[3]
  • Bat — Flying creatures which sleeps upside-down.[7]
  • Bee — Flying insect which live in bee-hives.[19]
  • Bear — Large brown mammal sometimes used for entertainment.[8]
  • Deadeye — Dangerous sea monster.[2]
  • Fish
  • Giant turtle
  • Mirodan — Dangerous sea monster.[2]
  • Polypan — Monkey-like creature, used mainly for their service. They known to live in Deltora and Dorne.[7]
  • Kobb — Large, amphibian creature with a 'mane' of long strips of mottled skin.[7]
  • Sea Serpent — A sea monster commonly found in the Sea of Serpents.[7]
  • Sea Wolf — Dangerous sea monster.[2]
  • Strangler — Dangerous sea monster.[2]
  • Vulture — The regular Ak-Baba birds as well as the Shadow Lord's twisted versions of them are frequently described as "vulture-like" by different people, which implies that vultures exist in the world of Deltora, although where is not known.[3][notes 1][8][notes 2]
  • Vulture Fish — Dangerous sea monster.[2]
  • Nipper crab — a kind of crab or other shellfish with presumably sharp claws, as Jewel of Broome told Britta of Del that she should watch her fingers inside the turtle cave in Illica, thinking there might be nipper crabs in the darkness of the cave.


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