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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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Emerald dragon
General information

Emerald territory


Bubbler, Stinger, Blood Creeper, Ooze Toad, and other cold-blooded creatures of the Barrier Mountain caves.
Enjoys eels from the River Tor
If particularly hungry, will make do with warm-blooded creatures including humans, gnomes, Kin and horses.


Critically endangered


Stern, strong, proud, warlike, rigidly honourable, utterly dependable, little or no sense of humour.

Chronological information
Last appearance

Secrets of Deltora

The Emerald dragon is a species of dragon native to Emerald territory. Stern and war-like, emerald dragons hold honour and pride above anything else.[1]


The history of the Emerald tribe of dragons is similar to that of the other dragon tribes; they inhabited their territory long before the Land of Dragons became known as Deltora, and were aware of the forthcoming cataclysm that fused it with the land that was Pirra but later became the Shadowlands. They thus took flight as it occurred, and later landed safely after its effects had subsided. The Emerald dragons also became aware of the emergence of the Emerald from within the depths of the land after it was claimed by the Dread Gnomes of Dread Mountain, and of its addition to the Belt of Deltora. An Emerald dragon was also the first dragon to encounter Malverlain after his arrival in the land, and drove him into the northern mountains.

They were later hunted to the verge of extinction, with Honora — the only known survivor — going into an enchanted sleep for centuries at the behest of Doran the Dragonlover. Honora was later reawakened by King Lief and the Belt of Deltora, and took part in the efforts against the Four Sisters and the Grey tide; whether or not the species was subsequently able to repopulate is unknown.

Known Emerald dragons[]


Emerald dragons put a high emphasis on pride and honour. Those who do not follow these beliefs are looked down upon as cowards. They live solitary lives like all dragons, and refuse to join together, even if it means saving themselves. They see it as more honourable to die in battle alone then to join into a pack.



Emerald dragons feed primarily on cold blooded creatures found in Deltora's north. Very rarely do they attack warm blooded beings, such as Kin or humans.


Emerald Dragons were found in the far north of Deltora, particularly around Dread Mountain and the surrounding mountains.



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