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Ava, whose symbol was the eye, was blind!

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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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"The emerald, symbol of honour, dulls in the presence of evil, and when a vow is broken. It is a remedy for sores and ulcers, and an antidote to poison."
The Belt of Deltora

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General information

Dread Gnome tribe

Hiding place

Dread Mountain




Dulls in the presence of evil
Dulls in the presence of a broken vow
Remedy for sores and ulcers
Antidote to poison

The Emerald is the magic gemstone and talisman of the Dread Gnomes and is the symbol of honour. It has a similar ability to the Ruby, and was the second gem added to the Belt of Deltora.


Tales of Deltora[]

Along with the other gems of the land, the Emerald was created when, as foretold by the fortune-telling stones of the Torans, fire and water "attacked" the land of dragons. The Emerald was the land's gift to the Dread Gnomes.

Adin was able to gain it from the Dread Gnomes, after gaining their respect when he saved their leader from being killed by a Green Beast.[1]

Dread Mountain[]

Under the reign of the Shadow Lord, the Emerald was given to Gellick for safekeeping. Gellick had it placed on his brow and it remained there for sixteen years, until it was recovered by Lief, Barda and Jasmine, who slew Gellick when Lief threw his water flask into Gellick's mouth thereby forcibly making him drink Dreaming Water. His death simultaneously freed the Dread Gnomes from serving him.[2]

Emerald Gem

The Emerald.

The Maze of the Beast[]

The Emerald dulled to grey when Lief, Barda and Jasmine entered Tora, responding to the city's broken vow.[3]

Return to Del[]

The power of the Emerald saved Barda's life, combating the poison that Dain was giving him in an attempt to kill him while making it seem as though he had died from his wounds.[4]


The Emerald dulls in the presence of evil or when a vow is broken. It provides a remedy for sores and ulcers and is an antidote to poison.


  • During the Toran Plague, many smaller Dread Gnome emeralds were used as a cure.[5]
  • The Emerald's ability of sensing danger is the only ability shared between two gems, the Ruby being the other one. Also of note is that the Emerald act as an antidote to poison, and the Ruby to snake venom (or venom in general).


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