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Dreaming Dunes
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Veritas (formerly, during hibernation)

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Amethyst territory



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Isle of the Dead

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Secrets of Deltora

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Map of Amethyst territory
Dreaming Dunes

The Dreaming Dunes, also called the Sleeping Dunes, is a beach on the west-coast of Amethyst territory. Its dunes mimic the waves of the ocean.[1][2]


Secrets of Deltora[]

During his venture through Amethyst territory, Doran the Dragonlover met with Veritas at the Dreaming Dunes. Later, Veritas buried himself in the dunes to hibernate until the king of Deltora would awaken him.[1]

Isle of the Dead[]

Veritas sensed the Amethyst enter his territory and awoke from his hibernation, only to find that the sand dunes he buried himself in had grown over the years. Before he could fully free himself, Lief and Barda boarded The Lady Luck, which cut his ties to the gemstone.

One week later, Lief and Barda washed up on the Dreaming Dunes after escaping The Lady Luck. They found Veritas, and were then found by Jasmine, Manus, Ranesh, and Zeean. Zeean and a group of one hundred Torans were able to free Veritas from the sand.[2]



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