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Dragon of the Mountain is in need of more information! Dragon of the Mountain is lacking history from Rowan of Rin, Rowan and the Zebak and Rowan of the Bukshah, the two former of which the Dragon has major roles. Also write about its behaviour and anatomy.

Dragon of the Mountain

On the top of the Mountain

Physical description

Unknown species of dragon



Chronological and political information
First appearance

Rowan of Rin

Last appearance

Rowan of the Bukshah

The Dragon lives on the top of the Mountain on the island of Maris, very near to Rin.


Rowan of Rin[]

The Dragon of the Mountain is first mentioned at the beginning of the book when Rowan states that it had not roared since the stream dried up. During the group's climb up the Mountain, the Dragon also did not roar.

Rowan and John later face the Dragon when they reach the snowy top of the mountain. Noticing that the Dragon had not eaten in days yet blood dripped from its jaws, Rowan found a bone stuck between a tooth and its throat. After carefully removing the bone, the Dragon roared in freedom from the pain and hunger. It turned away from Rowan who healed it and towards John who was trapped under its tail. Before it could attack John, Rowan ran to his side and vainly struck its tail with his knife–which broke against its scales.

The Dragon tried to scare Rowan off, roaring and breathing fire but not attacking him directly. When the Dragon threw back its head once more, Rowan took the opportunity to throw his compass at its soft and torn neck. It thrashed in pain and fury, releasing John from its tail with enough time for Rowan to drag him away. Rowan then threw his map at the Dragon as he and John ran away as it raged. With the Dragon's roaring flames, the snow and ice melted. The cold, sweet water from the melted snow travelled through an underground channel to from the stream that the Bukshah drink from.

Rowan and the Zebak[]

The Dragon appears in anger when the Zebak invaded the skies with grach. In savage fury it breathed flames and scorched the earth against them as they tried to escape. The Dragon soon left when the invaders were gone, either dead or fled.

Rowan of the Bukshah[]

The Dragon's daily roar is mentioned as Rowan and his group make their way to the end of their journey to the Mountain Heart.


Every morning and evening, the Dragon breathes fire across the sky from the top of the Mountain. It also stays at the top of the Mountain and is therefore rarely seen by the people of Rin and such. The Dragon, however, is territorial and will attack invaders in the sky but is unconcerned with invasions on the ground. Otherwise rarely leaves the Mountain.


The Dragon of the Mountain is described to be huge, ancient, and terrible. It has blood-red eyes and shiny white scales.

Relationship to Deltoran dragons[]

The Dragon of the Mountain appears to be the only one of its kind. Its relationship to the dragons of Deltora is unknown, although it shares several traits, including fierce territoriality; it will attack any foreign presence in its airspace, although it is unconcerned with invasions on the ground.[1] It seems similar in appearance to Deltoran dragons. However, it has never been known to speak human language, and has not displayed the level of intelligence characteristic of Deltoran dragons. It has also not shown any magical powers, the ability to change the colour of its underside to blend in with the sky above, or the ability to produce offspring without a mate if the need is dire. It is very rarely seen away from the Mountain.


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