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"...stones fell away into a vast, bowl-shaped hollow squeezed between the mountains and the sea. ...At high tide the hollow was flooded with swirling water, for the stones that formed its sides were rounded and polished smooth, and strands of parched seaweed trailed over them like long, tangled hair."
Dragon's Nest[1]

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Dragon's Nest

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Dragon's Nest (location)

Dragon's Nest is a large, bowl-shaped hollow on the coast of northeastern Ruby territory. It is Deltora's most easterly point and is a popular haunt for dragons. The people of Broome fear Dragon's Nest for this reason.[2]


Dragon's Nest resembles a very large dragon nest. It is formed of round stones that have been polished smooth by water, with seaweed trailing over them. The hollow itself lies between the Barrier Mountains and the Sea of Serpents. At high tide the hollow fills up and floods with swirling water. It can be very dangerous to venture into the hollow for this reason.[2]


Secrets of Deltora[]

In Doran's traveller's guide to Deltora, he describes Dragon's Nest as 'the most dramatic sight Broome has to offer'. The hollow is reached by travelling north along the coastline until stones and rocks replace the sand. When the Barrier Mountains come into view, the place between them and the sea is Dragon's Nest.[2]

After the Four Sisters were placed in Deltora, a warning stone was set in Dragon's Nest to keep people away.[1]

Dragon's Nest warning stone

The warning stone at Dragon's Nest.

Dragon's Nest[]

Lindal of Broome used to venture out to Dragon's Nest as a child, despite her mother's warnings.[1]

Dragon's Nest was the first known location of one of the Four Sisters. Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and Lindal came to Dragon's Nest to destroy the Sister of the East, expecting to find a Ruby Dragon, but instead found Rolf the Capricon in the Nest. Lief retrieved Rolf from the Nest and sent him on his way, not knowing he was the Guardian of the Sister. Rolf returned in his corrupted Ruby dragon form, but the true Ruby dragon woke to fight him off. Once Rolf was dead the dragon dug into the stones of Dragon's Nest to find the Sister of the East, and with the help of the Belt of Deltora the dragon destroyed the creature.[1]


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