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Dorrie was a woman from the city of Oltan on the island of Dorne. She had lived in the time of Chieftain Annoltis of Dorne and Queen Adina of Deltora, a thousand years before present day.[1]


At sunset, the day before Midsummer Eve, Dorrie had been part of the crowd watching the Gifters unload barrels of chunks of flesh and blood over the side of the rock of sacrifice and into the seawater to lure the sea serpents in preparation for the Gifting, from behind the fence at the coast in Oltan, along with her friend, a man named Dorrie. At the time, Dorrie had been enjoying a helping of fried potato chunks from a greasy twist of paper. Rye, who was standing next to Coop, overheard the companions as Coop told Dorrie that he thought the Gifters must be happy that this was the last time they had to "blood the waters," and said that he had heard one Gifter had slipped and been taken the night before by a serpent. Dorrie said it was sad, but reminded Coop that it was his fault for chosing to be a Gifter and that the blooding was necessary. Coop agreed, noting the serpents had know that there would be feed for them there at sunset, otherwise they would not get a good Gifting on Midsummer Eve. Coop told Dorrie he had heard that five sea serpents had been come in the night before, and he bet there would be seven on Midsummer Eve. Dorrie, looking at the sea, told Coop that he had already lost his bet, as she had counted at least ten in the water already. They watched as one sea serpent rose high, then another, entering into battle with the first, stirred by the smell of blood and challenged by the first serpent hooting. Unnoticed, three smaller serpents had sped to the shore and rose. The serpents lunged at the rock, tearing at the ragged chunks of flesh that drifted in the bloody shallows, and the crowd screamed in a frenzy of excitement and fear as the Gifters leapt for safety onto the walkway. The serpents arched over the rock, searching for the live prey that had escaped them by a hair, while Coop roared to them that it was nothing compared to what they would get the next night on Midsummer Eve. However, Dorrie did not seem as enthusiastic, as she hesitated, her eyes fixed on the rock and the sea serpents and felt uncertain. Slowly she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, implying that though she believed Olt's lies that the sacrifices were needed, she still felt disconcerted and less than comfortable over it.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Dorrie was a hefty woman.[1]



The Three Doors[]



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