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Dorne is in need of more information! Dorne is lacking a detailed History that include events from Dorne's ancient history — see Tales of Deltora 2013 edition, as well as clues found in throughout the Three Doors trilogy, most noticeably The Golden Door and The Third Door. Also include info about the alternative future seen in The Silver Door. An interestion note is that Dorne was changed by the same seismic activty that changed the face of Deltora, or that "changed the world" according to Tales of Deltora 2013 edition.

General information
Alternative name(s)

Isle of Dorne

Physical information

East of Deltora in the Sea of Serpents


New Nerra

Form of government


Head of state


Chronological information
First appearance

Tales of Deltora (2013 edition, the tale "The Sorcerers of Dorne")

Last appearance

The Third Door

Dorne, also known as the Isle of Dorne,[1] is an island in the Sea of Serpents, to the east of Deltora and is home to the people of Weld, the Fellan, the people of New Nerra, the people of Riverside, and the people of Fell End.[2]


The Golden Door

The Silver Door

The Third Door


Dorne map

Rye's hand drawn copy of the only map shown of Dorne. The people of Weld believed their city was much larger than it was.

Dorne is predominately covered in forests, originally home to the Fellan. Its coast became populated by humans and much of the island is farmland. In the centre of the island is a mountain, which was carved out to make Weld. Residents of Weld believed their city was much larger than it was, covering a large section of the island.



Humans live in the cities of New Nerra and in Weld. They had a fragile treaty with the Fellan agreeing not to attack one another.


They once lived everywhere in Dorne but retreated to the Fell Zone after the arrival of the humans and stayed there after making a treaty with the humans. They are magic-wielders and live for centuries. They are naturally suspicious of humans and do not welcome them into the Fell Zone. The Fellans are important for the survival of Dorne, although few realise it. They maintain a magical barrier around the island, hence protecting it from invasion by the Shadow Lord. 


  • Long grasses
  • Trees and vines of the Fell Zone



Dorne is an elective chiefdom with the chieftain or chieftess being chosen by the people voting.


Colonisation of Dorne

  • Nerra (now known as New Nerra)
  • The Fell Zone (was much bigger than current area)

Past (1,000 years ago)

  • Oltan bay (now known as New Nerra)
  • Fleet (now known as Riverside)
  • Weld
  • The Fell Zone


Future (alternative)

  • The Saltings (used to be Weld and the Fell Zone)
  • The Scour (used to be Fell End and the surrounding farms)
  • The Diggings (used to be Riverside)
  • The Harbour (used to be New Nerra)


The Three Doors


Mentioned in

Star of Deltora


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