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Diamond Dragon
Diamond dragon
General information

Diamond territory


Large fish, Kobb young, sea serpents, Bird Bane, Diamond Python, Tusker, occasional domestic animals.
Grazes on Blood Lilies and Grippers.


Critically endangered


Aggressive, ruthless when deadling with enemies, supremely loyal and generous to friends, superstitious, great respecters of tradition.
The strongest of all Deltoran dragons, traditionally hunted by Jalis knights as proof of valour

Chronological information
First appearance

The Sister of the South

Last appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Diamond dragon are a species of dragon native to Diamond territory.


The history of the Diamond tribe of dragons is similar to that of the other dragon tribes; they inhabited their territory long before the Land of Dragons became known as Deltora, and were aware of the forthcoming cataclysm that fused it with the land that was Pirra but later became the Shadowlands. They thus took flight as it occurred, and later landed safely after its effects had subsided. The Diamond dragons also became aware of the emergence of the Diamond from within the depths of the land after it was claimed by the people of the Jalis, and of its addition to the Belt of Deltora. They were later hunted to the verge of extinction, with Forta-the only known survivor-going into an enchanted sleep for centuries at the behest of Doran the Dragonlover.

Sadly, Forta perished when her sleeping form was overrun by Fleshbanes, but she was survived by her daughter, whom the Amethyst dragon Veritas raised and later named after her. The younger Forta took part in the destruction of the Grey tide, and later attended the wedding of Lief and Jasmine; whether the species was able to repopulate afterwards has not been determined.

Known Diamond dragons[]


Like all dragons, Diamond dragons possessed underbellies that blended with the sky in which they flew, and had scales that matched the color their territory's gem. It was rumoured that, like other dragons, they could produce eggs without the need for a mate, though this has not been confirmed.


Veritas described the diamond dragons as "the dragon[s] of purity and strength", reflecting the traits of their territory's gem. They are somewhat unique among dragons in that they consume vegetation in addition to various animal species. Little else is known about them, as the last known adult specimen perished before she could be awakened by the Belt of Deltora, leaving only her infant daughter behind.


Large fish, Kobb young, sea serpents, Bird Bane, Diamond Python, Tusker, occasional domestic animals. Grazes on Blood Lilies and Grippers.


Lives in the territory of the Jalis Tribe, the territory of the Diamond.


  • The currently last remaining Diamond dragon is called Forta after her mother. The name Forta is derived from Fortis which means strong. Forta is the dragon of strength because the Diamond is the symbol of strength.


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