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"A tree with a taste for human flesh, a tree like those which had long ago smothered the Valley of Gold."
Rowan of the Bukshah[1]

Unrin tree2

Unrin tree roots would snare their victims.

The devil tree, or Unrin tree,[2] is the name given by Zeel to the living, flesh-eating trees which grow on the Mountain and in the Pit of Unrin. The devil tree is able to move on their roots, and its branches can move and grip prey. The trees have also been referred to as Unrin trees.

The young trees appear innocuous, growing quickly and producing sweet red berries. In large numbers, their perfume can cause those inhaling it to fall unconscious. Devil trees cannot stand the juices or even the touch of the slip-daisy, and it can rapidly cause even fully grown trees to perish. Slip-daisies can also protect against their soporific effects. [2]


Early history[]

Residents of the Valley of Gold discovered the berries of the juvenile Devil tree and planted them in the village, thinking them a useful new crop. When almost all of the villagers left to aid the Travellers fighting the Zebak on the coast, the trees quickly grew and sprouted, with the combined tremor of their roots causing a rockslide that sealed the town's keeper of the silks, Fliss, keeper of the bukshah, Evan, and their wounded companion Bron in the Mountain Heart to die of starvation.
With the only people who stayed dead and the rest of the people of the Valley captured by the Zebak, the Valley of Gold remained an enormous thicket of Devil trees, becoming known to the Travellers as the Pit of Unrin.

Rowan and the Travellers[]

After Rowan ventured up the Mountain to discover what had caused the spring to run dry, his companions returned to Rin with berries from the Devil tree's juvenile form, which they planted around the village. Most of the town was knocked out by the plants' perfume, but Rowan and Allun discovered the protective effects of slip-daisy medicine against the Devil trees, and cleared out the town with the help of the Travellers before the trees could reach their fully developed stage.

Rowan of the Bukshah[]



The devil tree is a squat and twisted species of trees, with stubby branches, tipped with clumps of dull purple leaves, and fat white roots.

In its young form the tree is a small bush with tiny branches and glossy leaves. It has small red flowers growing along its branches, and is covered in little red berries.


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